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Why You Want Your Digital Marketing Agency To Be Obsessed With Data

Inbound Marketing Or Demand Generation? Both Approaches Need To Be Results And Data Driven

Today’s marketing is highly complex, with many different moving parts, a variety of skill sets needed to execute it and an overlay of technology. To really do it right you need UI/UX, conversion rate optimization, content expertise, web development, lead nurturing, paid search and organic search just to drive leads for your sales team.

But the tactics are only part of the puzzle. The real challenge comes from being able to analyze the performance of those tactics quantitatively and then adjusting delivery to increase performance month over month.

You need a team of data-obsessed marketers to do this well. Because marketing is so complicated and data is so critical to success, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to hire for these skills. That’s why it’s a smart choice to work with a digital marketing agency that features these skills, nurtures these skills and has operationalized the delivery of these skills for its clients.



The Top 20 Most Valuable Inbound Marketing Metrics

Marketers Have Been Granted Superpowers 

As a marketing scientist, I’m attracted to the data associated with inbound marketing and Agile marketing. As Agile inbound marketers, we’ve been able to attach numbers to each marketing tactic. We see in real time what’s working and what might be underperforming. We spring into action when tactics slip and we’re able to impact monthly performance even before the month is over. When done right and applied responsibly, this is a superpower.

But with power comes great responsibility. How do you leverage this power for good and not evil? How do you share this power with others? How do you make sure that you use your newly found superpowers to help businesses all over the world thrive well beyond their own expectations? Perhaps more importantly, how do you make sure that those who don’t understand your powers aren’t intimidated, or worse, afraid of your new abilities?



Stop Killing Inbound Marketing Conversions: 3 Steps To Take Today

I’m at the Conversion Conference in Las Vegas this week, so perhaps that’s driving my thoughts right now, but I’ve noticed that a lot of inbound marketing agency thinking is around the deliverables instead of the outcomes.

The promise of inbound marketing is leads – enough leads to get your business to its revenue goals and beyond. So, the trick to solid inbound is turning visitors into leads via conversions.

Once you apply a conversion optimization perspective to your inbound optimization work, a lot of the tactics pivot away from "stuff" and towards driving results. Here are three steps you can take today to help improve your conversions tomorrow.



How To Know If Your Inbound Marketing Agency Knows Its Numbers

Ask me how many visitors we've had to our website as of midnight last night, and I can tell you. Ask me how many leads we got through end of business yesterday, and I can tell you. Ask me how any one of our client programs is doing, and with a click of a button or two, I can tell you.

Inbound marketing is a science, and the science includes numbers – lots of numbers. If you want to be great at inbound, you have to know your numbers.

Unfortunately, knowing what to track, when to track it, what the numbers mean and what to do about them is a learned skill set. You have to be in it for 10,000 hours before you are really good at it.