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The Inbound Marketing Metrics You Need To Track Every Month

Now that you’ve locked down the inbound marketing metrics you need to check dailyand monthly it’s time to take a step back and look at some of the high-level marketing metrics you should check once a month to gain valuable insights into how well your inbound marketing campaign is performing. 

Your Monthly Metrics Tracking Routine

Like a good bottle of wine, some inbound marketing metrics need time to breathe.

Such metrics provide the clearest insights into your inbound marketing campaign’s performance only when you let the data collect for a few weeks. Checking these marketing analytics too frequently is a bit like staring at an impressionist painting from inches away: You see lots of granular detail, but miss the big picture.

To get the clearest view of how well your inbound marketing strategy is working, check these marketing metrics once a month:



The Inbound Marketing Metrics You Need To Track Every Week

It’s not enough to just launch an inbound marketing campaign. You need to keep track of your marketing metrics to ensure that the time and money you’ve invested into attracting visitors and converting leads are producing results.