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The Smartest Marketers Do Demand Generation And Inbound Marketing

The Current Environment Requires Both Inbound Marketing And Demand Generation Tactics To Drive Revenue Growth

Yesterday, I tweeted an Ad Age article about Google increasing its ability to block certain ads it deems overtly interruptive. I think it’s safe to say this trend is likely to continue. Ad blockers and companies like Google that have a monetary interest in blocking ads (and driving people to AdWords) are going to make some of our demand generation tactics challenging.



Inbound Marketing Takes Regular Optimization To Drive Results

Over the past few days, our blog has provided insight into a number of critical components that are "must haves" if you're considering adding an inbound marketing program to your current set of traditional marketing tactics.

But, there is one key element of an inbound marketing program that can't be ignored. If you want to be successful generating leads for your business, then you must become a guru at measuring data daily, weekly and monthly, allowing you to make effective real-time adjustments that contribute to increased lead generation.