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Marketing Automation Is As Critical For Your Business As Internet Access

You Can’t Do Marketing Without Marketing Automation

It doesn’t matter what platform, tool or marketing automation software you use, but you better be using something. Running a business without marketing automation is like trying to run that same business without the internet.

How would you order supplies, schedule a package pickup, pay your bills, do research or even communicate via email with clients, prospects, suppliers and partners? You’d be hard-pressed to get much done if you didn’t have internet access.

The same is true with marketing and sales. So many tasks are associated with keeping marketing and sales going that trying to do it without software is almost impossible. Tactics like website updates, email marketing, lead nurturing, social posting, keyword rankings and analytics on the performance aren’t optional anymore. They’re mandatory and you need access to these tactics daily.



Do You Need A Marketing Technologist To Run Demand Generation Campaigns?

Marketing Automation And Sales CRM Tools Are Mandatory For Lead Generation

If you want the short answer, yes, you need a marketing technologist. How you go about acquiring that skill set is something we’ll discuss. What your new technologist should be doing for you is also something we’ll focus on in this article.

Marketing and sales have changed dramatically over the past five years, and they will continue to change even more quickly and dramatically over the next five years. How you use software tools will directly impact your ability to get more high-quality leads, close those leads and drive new customer revenue.



You Can Be A Fan Of HubSpot And Marketo For Inbound Marketing

Software Alone Doesn’t Make Magic; Without A Strategy And A Plan You’re Lost

Recently, at the Marketo Summit in Las Vegas, an insider told me that this was the first time in six years the I-word (inbound marketing) was used publicly at the event. This makes me feel even more confident that inbound marketing is not software platform-dependent.

You can be all in on inbound marketing and use Marketo. You can be all in on inbound marketing and use HubSpot. Your overall marketing strategy has little or nothing to do with the software you use, but you do need to use marketing automation software. The software will help you make the repeatable element of inbound marketing easier to execute and track, and enable you to optimize your tactics as you respond to the results.

The differences between the two main companies mean that Marketo is right for some businesses and HubSpot is right for others.



HubSpot Vs. Marketo: Which Is Right For Your Inbound Marketing?

The Answer Is More About You Than Either Of The Software Solutions

Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in the Marketo Summit. Three days of content, software and discussions with practitioners gave me a new perspective on the comparison between HubSpot and Marketo, as well as a newfound appreciation for “the other side” of the marketing automation question.

What I realized is that it’s not about HubSpot or Marketo, but rather which one applies to an individual business’s specific situation. In this article, I’ll try to lay out a few of the high-level characteristics to help you make the right choice for your business.



What Are The MUST HAVES For Inbound Marketing Programs in 2014?

Here we are, December 10th, and most of you are probably starting to think about 2014. If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to begin the planning process.