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How To Use Marketing Automation For Demand Generation

Marketing Software Has Tools For People Who Are Not Converting

Marketing is moving forward at light speed. If you blink, you’re left behind. What this means is that the standard visit to a website with content downloads and form completions followed by an email nurture strategy is, believe it or not, becoming old school.



How To Leverage Marketing Automation And CRM To Drive Business Results

You Need Software To Manage The Complexity Of Today’s Sales And Marketing Effort

I get it; for the longest time, you ran your business based on gut. Then Microsoft introduced the spreadsheet and you had a place to put some numbers and some names. It helped you organize what you were doing and handle some simple calculations. But eventually it became a mass of spreadsheet farms and it was difficult to find anything. More importantly, it didn’t add any additional value, save you time or help you be better.

Then software took a quantum leap forward and you didn’t have to buy hardware, load software or burden your IT team with anything. You just purchased a subscription and the web did the rest of the work. Sales was introduced to the CRM system and you probably tried a couple of different options before you settled on one that wasn’t too complicated but helped your sales team be more organized and more efficient.



Prediction #12 — Tech Stack Advances To Support Inbound Marketing

No, HubSpot Might NOT Be Enough To Drive Leads In 2017

I know most people find the investment in marketing automation to be enough, but the reality is it’s probably not enough. Going into 2017, you should be budgeting and planning to invest in marketing and sales technologies. The better your tech stack, the better your results. If you’re looking for 20% growth in revenue, start thinking about $2,000 to $4,000 a month for technology.



How Pokemon Go Might Change Marketing As We Know It

Is It Inbound Marketing? Yes, I Think It Is Inbound

In case you’ve been in a cave or on a deserted island over the past few days, you might not know what Pokémon Go is, but if you’ve been watching the news at all you've heard this new game. People are following their phones, using them as windows into a virtual world where they can pick up Pokémon and collect coins.

What sounds like a silly kid’s game has already impacted small business marketing in a very dramatic way. In this article, the writer does a wonderful job talking about how easy and affordable ($1.19/hour) it is to attract people into your retail store with only one or two of this game’s features.

But the impact this game could have on the future of marketing is dramatic. Today I’ll share a few more big brand applications that are probably already in the works.