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Why Inbound Marketing Could Be Called Start-Up Marketing

Start-Ups Have To Be Agile, And Inbound Marketing Is 100% Built To Be Agile

Start-ups are the sexy side of business. You get this brilliant idea, you kill yourself boot-strapping the business to get it off the ground, you struggle, you win, you lose and then suddenly – bang, you’re Facebook or Twitter or Uber and you’re rich. That’s the story many start-up business CEOs are looking for: the fast track.

The reality is that most businesses fail in their first year. The stats are actually abysmal: According to Forbes, 80% of new businesses are out of business in 18 months. This parallels what many businesses experience with marketing. Everyone is looking for the silver bullet, the quick fix to generate leads. Then reality sets in and most businesses give up on their marketing because it failed after just a few months. But did they really give it a chance to succeed, or was it destined to crash and burn from the start?

Many parallels make inbound marketing and managing a start-up dramatically similar. Here are a few. 



How Amazon Is Changing The Way You Use Inbound Marketing To Get Found

More On The Future Of SEO And Inbound Marketing’s Ability To Leverage It

A few days ago, we published an article on the future of SEO. It discussed how inbound marketing is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the fast pace of change within this very important marketing tactic.

Your ability be found is critical to your search engine optimization strategies for driving people to your website and turning those people into leads for your business.

However, the future might be closer than you think. Today, there are devices on the market that are already shaping the future of search and already impacting your ability to drive visitors to your site.



Inbound Marketing Strategy: A Requirement For Revenue In 2016

Did You Miss Revenue Targets In 2015? It’s Because Of Poor Inbound Marketing Strategy

People are always looking at marketing tactics when leads don’t materialize as planned. Our website isn’t good. We don’t have enough content. We’re not blogging enough or, worse, we need to do more outbound marketing. All of these assumptions are incorrect.

Nine times out of 10, your performance has nothing to do with the tactics and everything to do with your inbound marketing strategy. When we’re asked to look at programs and provide guidance on improving performance, most of the time, the real issue is the messaging, the differentiation or the connection between the inbound marketing tactics.

There’s a reason we live by the mantra "strategy before tactics." Without a solid strategy and a completely planned, integrated and orchestrated approach, you’re going to be disappointed in the results almost every single time.



Inbound Marketing Strategies Evolve To Include Inbound Ads

Inbound Marketing Strategies Can Include Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Inbound marketing has always straddled the line when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Is it inbound or not?

We’ve always felt that as long as you’re promoting content and the people finding your ad are actively looking for solutions like the one you’re displaying, then any type of program like this is considered an inbound ad program.

We’ve been testing tactics like this on our agency and running very successful PPC programs for clients for years. We prefer LinkedIn marketing campaigns for B2B, and Facebook marketing campaigns for B2C and some selected B2B, over Google, Yahoo! or Bing, but we’ve done all types of programs and continue to do these for clients.



Your Blog Sucks Because It’s Missing Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy Is Almost Always The Answer

I don’t mean your blog sucks because I don’t like what you’re writing about. I mean your blog sucks because it’s failing to drive website visitors and leads for your inbound marketing program. When I say sucks I mean it quantitatively sucks. It’s not an opinion; it’s a fact.

When we see businesses with blogs that are underperforming or not performing at all it usually comes down to one or two issues.

The first is the business is blogging with no inbound strategy behind the effort. There isn't enough planning or thought into what they are blogging about and why. The other has to do with frequency. They're not blogging enough to impact the results for a variety of reasons.



Are Your Marketing Strategies Lead Nurturing Or Lead Interrupting?

Lead nurturing is one of the hardest aspects of inbound marketing. Your marketing strategies need to sync up perfectly.

How often do you send an email? How long do you wait between nurturing emails? How many emails do you send before you give up? How aggressive should you be? All great questions.

The good news: A lot of these questions are answered in your marketing strategy work. For example, if you have a long sales cycle, you need to consider a longer nurturing campaign and perhaps more emails or more time between them. If you have a shorter sales cycle, you might want to have less emails in a more condensed time frame.

Here are some suggestions to make sure that you don’t bother your leads, but rather help them get to know, like and trust you – so they say "yes" to hiring you.



Inbound Marketing: 54,000 Website Visits In 1 Minute – It’s Not What You Think

When you’re talking about performance, a site that garners 54,000 visitors in a single minute is in the top 1% of all websites on the planet. So, it’s worth looking at what makes a site like this so popular in such a short period of time.

On Monday, July 20, SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority), which runs all the public transportation in and around the Philadelphia metro area, started selling a One-Day Regional Rail Pass good for the entire weekend of the Pope’s visit to Philly (Sept. 26-27). If you want to read more about the situation, click here.

Because of security, this is the only way to get on public transportation during that weekend. In fact, most of the city streets will be closed to traffic. If you want to get into the city during the Pope’s visit, you need one of these special passes. Plus, there is only a limited number of them: 175,000 for Saturday and the same amount for Sunday.



If Inbound Marketing Is So Great, Why Doesn’t It Work All The Time?

I love answering difficult questions in the blog. This one, about inbound marketing, is a great one.

I was reading an article by Tim Ash, "The Unfortunate Reality Of Most Content Marketing Programs." It's a great article, so click the link to check it out. Consider following Tim, too, as he has very insightful tweets. This particular article had to do with looking at what we, as inbound marketers, have been doing recently and making sure we’re actually focused on the right activities to produce the right outcomes.

After I read it, I started thinking about our own experiences with clients' inbound marketing engagements. So, I've compiled a couple of key areas where I believe the thinking needs to be applied differently than it has been in the past.



Is Inbound Marketing Contributing To The Decline Of Traditional Media?

Inbound marketing is a constantly evolving methodology, and it requires you to be constantly challenging the status quo.

During a run the other day, I noticed the daily newspaper sitting on a number of my neighbors' driveways. Take a look at the image here. Notice the bag that the newspaper was delivered in, announcing the new and "improved" newspaper. Funny when you hear it like that, right?

Since I don’t get the paper and didn’t want to borrow one from my neighbors, I don’t know exactly what’s new and improved. I did attempt to find out via a number of searches online, but nothing came up for any relevant search terms. That sounds like a problem right there, yes?



Inbound Marketing Offers Marketing Strategies To Match Today's Buyers

When you start an open-ended conversation around marketing strategies for business, there's a wide range of suggestions thrown out there ...

You should be doing trade shows. You should be hiring a search engine optimization specialist. You should be redoing your website. You should be advertising in trade magazines.

There are a lot of options, but coming up with the right recommendations for your business shouldn’t be about the options; it should be about your prospects.