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HubSpot Vs. Marketo: Which Is Right For Your Inbound Marketing?

The Answer Is More About You Than Either Of The Software Solutions

Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in the Marketo Summit. Three days of content, software and discussions with practitioners gave me a new perspective on the comparison between HubSpot and Marketo, as well as a newfound appreciation for “the other side” of the marketing automation question.

What I realized is that it’s not about HubSpot or Marketo, but rather which one applies to an individual business’s specific situation. In this article, I’ll try to lay out a few of the high-level characteristics to help you make the right choice for your business.



Why Marketing Software Alone Won't Cure Your Inbound Marketing Blues

Software Is Never The Solution If Your Process And Methodology Are Flawed

It really has nothing to do with inbound marketing. This comment applies to everything. If your sales process is bad, CRM software won’t help. If your logistics and supply chain are faulty, ERP software won’t help. If you lack the financial controls, financial software won’t help.

So, if your current marketing is not working and you don’t know why, don’t start looking at marketing automation software until you understand how to make marketing work for your company.

If software isn’t the answer, what is the reason your marketing isn’t working? The answer is usually more about strategy and tactics than it is about what software you’re using to execute. Remember, software is only a hammer. If you don’t know how to build the deck or you don’t have the right wood, nails, glue and footings, your deck is going to be a hot mess no matter how good your hammer is.



Two Tricks And Two Treats From Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Can Be Scary If You’ve Never Done It

Halloween is this weekend, and I can’t help but take this opportunity to scare up some important tricks and treats for inbound marketing.

If youre thinking about starting an inbound program or knee-deep in running one, it can feel like you’re trapped in a haunted house with no way to get out. 

But, I have the way out. I know which halls have the guy with a chainsaw and which doors lead to the outside.

It’s possible to navigate your way to success if you lean on people who have planned, implemented, executed and optimized inbound programs successfully in the past.



The Top Five Mistakes To Avoid When Using Inbound Marketing

 We talk a lot about the benefits of inbound marketing. We try to share educational information to help our subscribers, clients and friends learn about inbound marketing. Today, we wanted to help you avoid the top five potential pitfalls when practicing inbound marketing.



How to Get Found, Get Leads And Close Deals With Inbound Marketing

 There are so many people talking about inbound marketing. Today, we thought we would share a behind-the-scenes overview of how inbound marketing really works to help your business grow.


5 Ways To Get Super Savvy With Social Media

 As we discussed yesterday, the trend toward social media doesn't show any signs of slowing down. If you're just getting started with social media marketing, it may raise more questions than it answers -- What should I post? How do I get more followers? If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and there would be no experts. Lucky for you, you have us and we know how to help you manage interactions, increase dialogue and develop suitable content that engages followers.

Here are 5 ways to improve your social media savvy and begin building a community of actively engaged customers:

Increase your personal familiarity. Establish personal social media networks to build your familiarity before immediately launching into a social media marketing campaign. Explore Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. Learn the benefits that each network offers and how they build consumer awareness and communication. The more that you know about what each social media platform can do, the better you'll be at successfully executing your company's digital marketing strategy. For instance, LinkedIn provides a wonderful opportunity to distribute content to key target groups. Pinterest offers you a chance to share visual elements from your business and Youtube videos. Each outlet has some unique and relevant nuances that need to be taken into consideration when planning your marketing strategy. 



How To Apply Baseball Thinking To Your Marketing Strategy

 Winning baseball games involves putting together the right combination of pitchers, defensive players, power hitters and role players. In most cases, it’s not always the most talented team that wins the World Series, but the best combination of players. Marketing is very similar. It’s not always the best company that gets the business, but the company with the most strategic combination of marketing tactics.



Five Secrets The Tax Man Knows About Marketing Software

 Tomorrow is Tax Day and the Tax Man will be waiting for all those forms, checks, refunds and extension requests. But I bet you didn’t know that the Tax Man is also an expert on marketing. Yep, he actually knows five secrets that you should learn when thinking about marketing your company.



Rev Up Lead Gen 5x In 30 Days With Marketing Automation

 For the next few weeks, Friday will be Case Study Day! Today we're featuring a home healthcare company who increased leads from two or three a week to two or three a day in short order.