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Inbound Marketing Helps You Tell Your Customers What They Want

Stop Asking Customers What They Want, And Use Inbound Marketing To Tell Them

At the height of the SUV revolution, do you think customers would have asked for a super tiny car like the Mini? Do you think anyone would have imagined a touch-screen phone and camera all in one? What about TV channels that are separate from the cable subscription? No way. Your customers don’t know what they want; they need you to tell them.

Ever watch a focus group? People are great at telling you what other people think or what other people are doing. Sure, they have opinions, but those are guided by their experiences with other products and other services. These groups are good for making your company look like your competitors. If you want your business to be truly remarkable and differentiated, your customers are not the source for inspiration.



CMOs Admit: The Data Points To Inbound Marketing As The Future

Every now and then, I like to get connected to the more traditional world of advertising, mostly to see what those people are thinking, writing about and concerned with.

I’m constantly looking for early indicators that they recognize the challenges associated with their business model and what they can do to adjust to the changing world around them.

In Adweek last week, I found the following interesting data points from an Accenture Interactive CMO Study done in 2014. Click here to see the data.