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How Forensic Marketing Drives 10X Increases In Leads And New Customer Revenue

Inbound Marketing And Demand Generation Both Need A More Investigatory Approach

Most of the other highly technical professions like accounting, law and medicine have a forensic element to their practices for situations when people need to uncover the root causes impacting performance. Forensic accounting is used to reveal anomalies in accounting records or standard practices. Forensic medicine is used to uncover inconsistencies in patient response to treatment or medicines.

We apply a similar approach to marketing when were working with a client to drive new customer revenue. Our team uses forensic marketing to assess your current program and identify down to the most detailed and tactical level where the program is misaligned, misconfigured or incorrectly optimized. This methodology allows us to quickly identify the key issues, get them resolved and reconfigure the program for a fast turnaround and improved delivery of leads, sales opportunities and revenue.



Inbound Marketing Optimization Vs. Marketing Automation: Which Is Right?

You know you need software, but what kind of software is right for your business?

Do you need marketing automation software, like Marketo, Pardot or Eloqua (Oracle)? Perhaps inbound marketing optimization is what you need, and thus, a product like HubSpot is going to be better for your goals and objectives.

How do you decide? So many options, so little time.

This is a critical decision. To help make this important decision easier, we’ve prepared a handful of questions that should point you in the direction of the right software for your specific marketing situation.