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4 Critical Steps To Developing Relevant Marketing Metrics

Metrics are some of the most critical ingredients in an effective online marketing strategy. From awareness to sales, you can't assess your success without setting criteria by which to measure it.

One of the biggest struggles digital marketers face today is knowing what exactly they should be measuring. With a seemingly never-ending pile of data available, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure about which metrics actually matter. The good news is that establishing relevant metrics is not too difficult if you follow a simple system. Let's take a look at the four critical steps.



6 Scary Stats About Marketing + 7 Tips For Survival [Infographic]

Your Lucky 13 For Halloween

For many B2B marketers, these are frightening times. Buyer behavior has changed, and to survive, modern marketers must adapt accordingly

Today’s B2B buyer is empowered and self-educated well before even reaching out to a salesperson. An increasing number of individual decision-makers and influencers are involved in the average B2B buying decision. Consistently, marketing data shows that modern buyers do not want to be interrupted by traditional advertising, and they will go to great lengths (ad blocking, do not call list, etc.) to avoid it.

Marketers simply can’t afford to keep wasting time, money and effort on marketing tactics that don’t produce business results.  

Learn six frightening facts about the state of modern marketing, plus seven tips for marketing survival, in our new infographic, Your Lucky 13 For Halloween.



How Agile Marketing Changes The Way You Execute Inbound Marketing

Don’t Be Hypnotized By The Inbound Marketing Deliverables

I wrote about this a little bit yesterday, but today, I thought I’d dig in deeper and provide you with more insight on how impactful Agile is when it comes to the day-to-day execution of inbound marketing.

The challenge of inbound is that you can become hypnotized by the delivery of it. What I mean by that is once you start executing, the execution itself (instead of the business results) can become the outcome. This is a mistake made by many marketing people who are doing inbound for the first time, as well as many inbound agencies.



The Inbound Marketing Metrics You Need To Track Every Month

Now that you’ve locked down the inbound marketing metrics you need to check dailyand monthly it’s time to take a step back and look at some of the high-level marketing metrics you should check once a month to gain valuable insights into how well your inbound marketing campaign is performing. 

Your Monthly Metrics Tracking Routine

Like a good bottle of wine, some inbound marketing metrics need time to breathe.

Such metrics provide the clearest insights into your inbound marketing campaign’s performance only when you let the data collect for a few weeks. Checking these marketing analytics too frequently is a bit like staring at an impressionist painting from inches away: You see lots of granular detail, but miss the big picture.

To get the clearest view of how well your inbound marketing strategy is working, check these marketing metrics once a month:



The Inbound Marketing Metrics You Need To Track Every Week

It’s not enough to just launch an inbound marketing campaign. You need to keep track of your marketing metrics to ensure that the time and money you’ve invested into attracting visitors and converting leads are producing results.



Inbound Marketing Metrics Are Useless If You Don’t Set Goals

It’s one thing to keep an eye on your inbound marketing metrics. It’s another to proactively manage them.

The best way to get proactive about your inbound marketing is to set goals and then take action to achieve them.

There is a variety of productive options for setting marketing goals to ensure that your inbound results are moving up and to the right month over month. There is no right or wrong comparison for tracking performance versus goals. In fact, we typically use a combination of many, depending on the client and the stage of the engagement.



How To Know If Your Inbound Marketing Agency Knows Its Numbers

Ask me how many visitors we've had to our website as of midnight last night, and I can tell you. Ask me how many leads we got through end of business yesterday, and I can tell you. Ask me how any one of our client programs is doing, and with a click of a button or two, I can tell you.

Inbound marketing is a science, and the science includes numbers – lots of numbers. If you want to be great at inbound, you have to know your numbers.

Unfortunately, knowing what to track, when to track it, what the numbers mean and what to do about them is a learned skill set. You have to be in it for 10,000 hours before you are really good at it.



Which Inbound Marketing Metrics To Track Daily, Weekly And Monthly

Yesterday, you got a long list of potential inbound marketing metrics for tracking purposes, but which of those need to be looked at daily, weekly and monthly?

While you now have access to marketing performance data in real time, you can’t take action on every metric.

So, today, we're taking those top 20 inbound marketing metrics and breaking them down to see which ones you should be looking at daily, weekly and monthly. If you want to know why we picked the rhythm we did, you need to consider the action associated with each item.



The Top 20 Inbound Marketing Metrics For Killer Results

Inbound marketing provides some of the best metrics and analytics available to see how your program is performing.

In fact, if you set up your program correctly and you’re using the right tools, you should be getting real-time metrics delivered right to your smartphone or tablet every single day.

So, now the question becomes: What are the most important numbers we should be looking at on a regular basis?



Inbound Marketing: Why Your Marketing Might Be Like The Walking Dead

Let’s face it: Before inbound marketing, we all pretty much did the same thing, and we did it over and over again, expecting different results.

To me, this sounds a lot like a zombie – just walking all over and hoping to run into a human to eat. You might be in that rut now. Here’s how to tell.