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Inbound Marketing Disrupts Status Quo So You Can Break Through To Prospects

Inbound Marketing Won’t Save The Day If Your Message Is Wrong

If you don’t have anything interesting to say, don’t say anything at all.

It’s a play on the old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” They teach us that in kindergarten. Yet it seems like a lot of you might have forgotten that little saying, or maybe you thought it had nothing to do with your ability to drive revenue in your company.

If you think it’s not important or not a priority to invest money and to spend time creating compelling, emotional and disruptive messages to get people interested in your business, you're mistaken. Yes, there are people right now looking for businesses just like yours. No matter what you do, how you do it or where you do it, people are looking for you.



A New Inbound Marketing Messaging Model Improves Conversion Rates

Status Quo Is The Enemy Of Inbound Marketing

I know everyone wants to jump into blogging, landing pages, websites and content, but the secret to successful lead generation doesn’t start with the tactics. It starts with the messaging. For years, our messaging model was simple: Identify a pain, present a solution, make the solution remarkable and validate with social proof.

But recently, we learned that this model is missing a very important piece – in fact, it’s missing the most important piece, the piece that has to come first. Disruption of the status quo is critical for getting people to make a change and try something different. Without this disruption, it’s too easy for people to dismiss your message and continue their current path – no matter how ineffective that path is.

It’s safer to keep doing what’s not working than to try something new. We’re fighting against human nature, but as marketers, our job is to create messages that move people to action.

Here’s how you can disrupt a prospect’s status quo and move them to action.



Why Stories Are Critical For Inbound Marketing Success

Inbound Marketing Is Designed For People, And People Love Stories

You can look at your marketing as an academic exercise, and you can consider it business as usual, but if you want your investment in marketing to pay off, you need to keep the customer’s human condition in mind. There’s a reason why the team at HubSpot took a stuffed animal to meetings as a way to represent the customer. There’s also a reason why we spend two months working with clients to come up with the stories that prospects need to hear in order to feel comfortable enough to become new customers.

People and stories go back to the beginning of time. Our brains are designed to retain stories, to share stories, to connect with stories. This is why your stories are such a critical aspect of your inbound marketing strategy. This is also why some inbound marketing programs fail to deliver results: If the stories are missing, your program is lacking a major component. Don’t believe me? Check out this great article from Fast Company on how our brains crave stories.



Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs To Be Prospect Focused

Over the years, we’ve spent countless hours talking to clients about marketing strategy. We've stressed the importance of strong messaging that emotionally connects with your prospects.

Inbound marketing needs to have a solid strategy behind it before you start executing tactics.

One of the tenets of Reality Marketing, the methodology we use to create client marketing strategy, is “prospect focused.” What this means is that your marketing has to be about your prospects, not about you. I’m sure that if you objectively look at your current marketing, it might sound something like this:



Marketing Strategy Has To Drive Innovation To Deliver Remarkable Results

 Every now and then, I see Reality Marketing in action beyond the walls of Square 2 Marketing. In case you forgot, Reality Marketing is the platform on which we create remarkable marketing strategies for our clients. These marketing strategies are always based on the “pains” of our clients’ prospects.



When It Comes To Content Marketing Strategy – Words Matter

 Take a look at this video. Click the image to your right or click here. We love it because it tells such an emotional, compelling and engaging story in just 90 seconds. This is the power of content marketing, story-telling and video all working together. This is the power that a well thought-out, refined, strategic marketing plan delivers for your business.



What We Can Learn From Apple’s Marketing Strategy

 Turn on the news, pick up the paper or walk down the street and you can’t help but hear people talking about Apple. Right now the buzz is about the new iPhone scheduled for release on September 12. But look a little closer and you can learn a lot about marketing strategy from one of the best marketing companies on the planet.



Top 9 Reasons Your Website Design Isn’t Generating Leads

 I hope by now you've started looking at your website differently. Hopefully you see a lead generating machine instead of an electronic brochure. Whether or not that's the case, the fact remains: your website might not be generating a significant stream of leads.



Your Content Marketing Might Be Missing Personality

 Having an online presence for your company (especially if you’re using content marketing) makes it entirely impossible to avoid expressing yourself through the written word. You already know the importance of grammar, spelling and writing with clarity -- it’s been drilled into your head since grade school. However, as a business owner, executive or marketing professional, writing for and about your company takes on a whole new meaning.



MUST SEE TV: Words Matter For Marketing Strategy

 It’s not always easy to see exactly how an effective marketing strategy impacts your business. Click on the video to your right for an inside look at how the words you use to talk about your business really do matter. In fact, watch closely and you'll see how good marketing with strong messaging drives revenue.