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How To Use Baseball Thinking To Power Inbound Marketing Results

To Have A Great Inbound Marketing Season, You Need To Hit Singles, Doubles, Triples And Home Runs

The weather’s starting to warm up. Pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training, and soon it will be baseball season. That got me thinking. Do you remember the movie Money Ball? The premise was that you dont need superstars if your team can get on base. If they get on base enough times over the course of the year, you’ll win enough games to make the playoffs.

There are a lot of similarities between that thinking and the thinking behind inbound marketing. Inbound is a lot about putting together a string of singles. Its consistently hitting singles, walking and getting on base. If you don’t get on base, you can’t score. Get on base enough times, and you move your team around the bases to score runs.



Why Your CFO Is Going To Love Email Marketing If It's Part of Inbound Marketing

Email marketing tends to get a bad rep. Low open rates, lower click-through rates, increasingly dynamic spam filters and tons of promotional emails make using email marketing much more challenging than it needs to be. However, it’s hard to look past the marketing ROI on this tactic.