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How Much Should My Inbound Marketing Program Cost?

The 6 Factors That Impact The Investment Level For Your Inbound Marketing Program

This seems like the question of the day. You want to do inbound, you know some inbound agencies and now you’re trying to decide how much to invest in inbound. But you can’t really trust the agencies to give you a budget because they want you to spend more and you don’t know how to set your own budget since you’ve never done this before.

So I’m going to give you a workflow that will allow you to create your own ideas for what your investment in inbound marketing should be and it’s going to be based not on what we want you to buy, or even what we think will work, but rather on only one factor — your business goals.

I mean, let’s be reasonable. If you have a $10 million company with an average revenue per new client of $10,000 and you want to drive an incremental $10 million in sales through your company, you have to be ready to invest more than the CEO who wants to drive an incremental $100,000, right?

Here are some factors to help you set your budget.



Five Marketing Budget Cuts Today To Fund Inbound Marketing Tomorrow

You love the idea of inbound marketing, but you hate the idea of paying for it. Not a huge challenge when you look at your budget. Without looking too hard, you’re going to find a handful of old-school marketing tactics that are costing you money and likely not providing a whole lot of return.

One of the most important questions you need to be asking is, “How much money do I need to find in my budget?” This isn’t easy to answer in a blog article, but let’s make two assumptions.

First, the bigger your marketing goals, say you want to grow your business from $5M in revenue to $10M in revenue, the bigger your budget should be, right? Makes sense. Next, the faster you want your inbound program to start kicking in leads, the bigger your budget.