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Inbound Marketing Analytics: Unlocking The Numbers That Tell A Story

Editor's Note: Mike is off blog duty this week. We'll be featuring blog posts authored by a few other members of the Square 2 Marketing team. Happy reading!

Your customers are on a journey. Today’s modern B2B buyers are on an empowered trek through a “choose-your-own-adventure” story as they search online for your products or services.

Inbound marketing analytics are the numbers and other data behind your marketing program that tell that story — it’s a powerful tale about the success of your marketing performance.  



The Inbound Marketing Metrics You Need To Track Every Month

Now that you’ve locked down the inbound marketing metrics you need to check dailyand monthly it’s time to take a step back and look at some of the high-level marketing metrics you should check once a month to gain valuable insights into how well your inbound marketing campaign is performing. 

Your Monthly Metrics Tracking Routine

Like a good bottle of wine, some inbound marketing metrics need time to breathe.

Such metrics provide the clearest insights into your inbound marketing campaign’s performance only when you let the data collect for a few weeks. Checking these marketing analytics too frequently is a bit like staring at an impressionist painting from inches away: You see lots of granular detail, but miss the big picture.

To get the clearest view of how well your inbound marketing strategy is working, check these marketing metrics once a month:



Inbound Marketing Metrics Are Nothing If You Don’t Take Action

Inbound marketing metrics are fantastic – but only if you take action on your findings. If you simply track for the sake of tracking and never make any adjustments to your program, do anything different or try anything new, you’re never going to realize the full potential of your inbound program.

One of the major advantages of inbound marketing is that you're able to identify what is and isn't working right now, implement adjustments to the program today and see the results tomorrow.



What High-Impact Social Media Metrics Should You Be Worried About?

Managing your inbound marketing and social media by the numbers has never been easier. Yet, there are still many marketing executives and CEOs flying by the seat of their pants.

In the graphic here, you see that almost 50% of respondents still don’t use any marketing analytics to evaluate their social media marketing.

The marketing metrics and analytics you need in order to make solid business decisions have never been more accessible and straightforward than they are today.



How To Know If Your Inbound Marketing Agency Knows Its Numbers

Ask me how many visitors we've had to our website as of midnight last night, and I can tell you. Ask me how many leads we got through end of business yesterday, and I can tell you. Ask me how any one of our client programs is doing, and with a click of a button or two, I can tell you.

Inbound marketing is a science, and the science includes numbers – lots of numbers. If you want to be great at inbound, you have to know your numbers.

Unfortunately, knowing what to track, when to track it, what the numbers mean and what to do about them is a learned skill set. You have to be in it for 10,000 hours before you are really good at it.



Big Data Is Creepy – But Not For Small Businesses

Ever made a one-off purchase? We all have – a random gift for a friend or a product we'll only need once in a blue moon. Despite this limited need, you're subjected to a seemingly never-ending deluge of ads targeted to that purchase.

When they were new, targeted ads were interesting. But now, they border on creepy: Firms are grasping at straws in an attempt to build a lasting connection with customers, and they come across as intrusive. Worse, your customers feel as though you're only interested in their money, defining them only by their purchases.

Here's how small businesses should use the benefits of big data marketing to deliver an experience that's helpful, but not overbearing, and one that improves the way your business runs. 



How Many Leads Am I Going To Get?

If you keep asking yourself this one simple question, you will never have to worry about whether you're making the right decision with your marketing.