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Inbound Marketing Challenges? Try Calling Your Prospects Back

Inbound Marketing Won’t Make The Calls For You  This Is Where You Come In

This article might come off as a little brash. But, over the past few days, I’ve had a series of utterly awful experiences with potential service providers, and it got me thinking about a few of our experiences with clients and other businesses that just left me asking, WHY?

We recently moved our offices and need a new dry cleaning pick-up service. I searched on the web for that exact service, found a company, went to its website, got the phone number, called and left a message. Bang – inbound marketing at its best, right? Wrong. Days have gone by with no return phone call.

Since we’re new to the office community, we don’t know all the lunch places yet. One day, I saw a truck pulling up in the parking lot, bringing healthy sandwiches and salads into another building. I stopped the delivery person, asked about the company and told him we have 50 people in our office and I’d like to have someone call me about using their service. I gave him my business card with my cell number, and it’s been almost a week with no phone call. I guess they don’t want a new client.

Here are some more ridiculous stories of poor follow-through.



We Know What You Must Do To Get Leads, And You’ll Never Do It

With all due respect to anyone reading this article, there is no one better at helping business owners and CEOs get leads through inbound marketing than us. How do we know?

First, we see every day how our current and past clients are doing with their inbound marketing programs. We see green indicators in both website visitors and leads generated day in and day out, month over month and even year over year.



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This isn’t a joke: lead theft is a growing challenge primarily because most business owners, executives or marketing professionals don’t even know that their leads are being taken from right under their noses.



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Yesterday, we mentioned some important data about your website and how your prospects are viewing it. Essentially, the vast majority of potential buyers are searching online for products or services. However, your website has only a 10 second time frame on average before viewers decide whether or not they want to hit the back button or stay and learn more. 



How To Get More Leads With Your Reality Marketing Strategy

 If you’ve been creating and sharing relevant content that addresses your target customer’s pains through your website, social media, blogging, and email marketing efforts then, chances are, you’re getting subscribers, comments, Facebook likes and Twitter followers. While that’s a great start toward increasing sales, these interactions don’t necessarily mean new leads – not yet.