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How To Improve Inbound Marketing Lead Quality In 2017

Lead Quality Is In The Eye Of The Beholder; Let’s Set Inbound Marketing Lead Quality Criteria

“Bad leads! These are bad leads!”

Many years ago, we had a client who shared this feedback. It still resonates with me to this very day. Is there such a thing as a “bad” lead?

There are different types of leads, including leads at different stages of the buyer cycle and differences in the level of qualification associated with the lead. But if someone fills out a form on your website, expressing interest in what you do and how you do it, is it still possible that’s a bad lead? I don’t think so.



How An Inbound Sales Scoring Model Qualifies Prospects In 30 Minutes

Inbound Marketing Drives Leads, But You Want To Make Sure They're The Right Leads

Marketing has become so scientific that we can score the inbound marketing leads we generate. There are complex scoring models and there are simple scoring models. You can use software tools to score leads, or you can create your own basic scoring model to help your salespeople prioritize their efforts and focus on the best leads first.

If that's what you want to do, start simple, with a basic Lead Scoring 101 approach. If the basic model shortens the sales cycle and helps you close more new customers, then consider moving to something more automated and potentially more complex.



An Example Of Inbound Marketing Lead Scoring For Beginners

As evangelists for inbound marketing, we spend a lot of time helping our clients understand what inbound is, how it helps them, what we have to do to make inbound work and why they should care.

We shoulder this burden because we know inbound works. We’ve seen the results with clients who have embraced inbound and supported us in the partnership to build their Marketing Machine.

When it comes to inbound marketing lead scoring, a lot of our clients are just happy to be getting inbound leads and talking with people who asked to talk to them, as opposed to interrupting people like they used to. So, lead scoring becomes important for a more advanced client or one who is looking for even more data than a standard program delivers.