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Inbound Marketing Leads Crave Nurturing: Email Marketing Tips

Lead-Nurturing Email Workflows Vs. Educational Emails

As Chief Inbound Scientist, I’m always on the lookout for intriguing inbound marketing data, especially when it pertains to lead generation.

The Kissmetrics blog has an amazing infographic with some data about lead nurturing. Here’s a highlight that should scare you:

Companies that try to contact people within the first hour after a request are seven times more likely to have a meaningful conversation than those that wait more than an hour to follow up.



Are Your Marketing Strategies Lead Nurturing Or Lead Interrupting?

Lead nurturing is one of the hardest aspects of inbound marketing. Your marketing strategies need to sync up perfectly.

How often do you send an email? How long do you wait between nurturing emails? How many emails do you send before you give up? How aggressive should you be? All great questions.

The good news: A lot of these questions are answered in your marketing strategy work. For example, if you have a long sales cycle, you need to consider a longer nurturing campaign and perhaps more emails or more time between them. If you have a shorter sales cycle, you might want to have less emails in a more condensed time frame.

Here are some suggestions to make sure that you don’t bother your leads, but rather help them get to know, like and trust you – so they say "yes" to hiring you.



What’s Perfect Timing For Inbound Marketing Lead-Nurturing Campaigns?

Inbound marketing teaches us that today’s buyer journey is self-directed. When people are ready to buy, they’re going to present themselves to you – but not a second sooner. It won't be until they're interested in actually talking to you or one of your sales people.

If that’s the situation we’re all dealing with, how do we remain front and center, or top of mind for prospects, while they work through their individual buyer journeys? More important, how do we create a system that allows us to stay relevant with ALL of our prospects regardless of where they are in their buyer journeys?



Stop Trashing Inbound Marketing Leads And Start Nurturing Them More

Inbound marketing is different from traditional marketing in many ways, but one similarity between the two is that your prospects learn about your business in a variety of ways, not just one.

Whether they meet you at a trade show, hear about you from a current client or partner, find your profile on LinkedIn or read a press release about you, they are going to visit your website, look around and make a judgment about your business: Do I want to continue a relationship with this company or not?

Once they make the decision to continue, they’re going to poke around your site some more, read your blog (you have one, right?), skip around to key pages and hopefully download at least one piece of educational content.

You still have no idea if they’re at the top, middle or bottom of your sales funnel. So, don’t judge the quality of your leads. Don’t write them off because they use a Gmail address. Don’t dismiss them because they don’t want to talk to you today.



Inbound Marketing: How To Harvest Your Best Leads To Drive Revenue

You’re getting leads. That’s the good news. But, as you know, not all inbound marketing leads are created equal.

Some of these leads are people still researching, and others are ready to talk. How do you know what to say, when to say it and to whom so that these leads fly through the sales process and turn into revenue?

First, let’s remember that these leads are actually people. We have to treat them accordingly. This means that our goal is two-fold: 1) make them feel safe, and 2) get them to feel an emotional connection with your company.

If you consider the concept of "know, like and trust," it might help you build your lead-nurturing strategy.

Here you go!



Why Email Marketing Has To Nurture And Not Sell

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