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Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing: How To Get Lights-Out Open Rates

Create A Remarkable Experience, Not A Sales-Centric Barrage Of 'Buy'

The series of email-related blog articles has been producing a lot of interesting conversations with readers, prospects and clients. While I’m not surprised to hear that companies are still doing cold email marketing campaigns, I’m encouraged that people are aware of their challenges and looking for ways to improve their effectiveness.

Today, I want to clarify the difference between lead nurturing and cold emailing. I also want to give you some tips on how to get lead nurturing open rates over the 50% mark and how to use ongoing lead nurturing best practices to create an experience that draws your prospects in to your company, instead of repelling them away and toward your competitors.



What’s Wrong With Email Marketing? Who Broke It And How Do You Fix It?

Email Marketing Has A Place In Any Inbound Marketing Program — It Just Has To Be Deployed With Care

At the risk of appearing on a soap box, here we are again talking about email. But today it’s not about the abusive email practices many companies are using. Instead, it’s about how to fix your email marketing efforts so they produce the desired results.

Email marketing has a strategic place in any inbound marketing effort. To us, it’s the air cover for the ground troops, and if you want to win the battle, it’s a necessary part of any marketing effort. But if your air cover is improperly planned, executed and adjusted, you might just drop it on your own troops. I’d like you to avoid that because it’s what’s going on right now at many companies.

Here’s what’s wrong with email marketing today and how to fix it at your company.



How To Improve Inbound Marketing Lead Quality In 2017

Lead Quality Is In The Eye Of The Beholder; Let’s Set Inbound Marketing Lead Quality Criteria

“Bad leads! These are bad leads!”

Many years ago, we had a client who shared this feedback. It still resonates with me to this very day. Is there such a thing as a “bad” lead?

There are different types of leads, including leads at different stages of the buyer cycle and differences in the level of qualification associated with the lead. But if someone fills out a form on your website, expressing interest in what you do and how you do it, is it still possible that’s a bad lead? I don’t think so.



Is Your Sales Pipeline Constipated?

Full Funnel Analysis Is The ONLY Way To Find Out For Sure

You’re looking for revenue growth, we get it. Most business leaders equate revenue growth with a need to generate more leads for your sales team to attack. But did you know that revenue growth can come from all stages of your current sales funnel? You don’t necessarily need more leads to drive up revenue.

You might have a jammed-up sales funnel. It’s possible that it's clogged up with potential customers who are not flowing through to the bottom. Instead of needing new leads, which would just join the backup in your funnel, it might be better to try and move those qualified prospects through the funnel and out — either as sales opportunities or unqualified leads. Inbound marketing can help.

Either way, your funnel will feel a lot better, and if you keep it clear it will be a lot easier to hit your revenue goals going forward.



Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing Strategies That Actually Work

Inbound Marketing Demands Equal Nurturing For All Of Your Leads

Don’t tell me, These are bad leads. There is no such thing as a bad lead, ever. What you call bad leads might only be people who are not ready to buy today. News flash: Most of your prospects are NOT ready to buy today, so put marketing tactics in place to nurture those people.

If 90% of your leads are at the top or middle of the funnel (which means they’re not ready to talk to you or buy your products or services), your lead nurturing programs are critical to seeing results from inbound marketing.



Inbound Marketing: How Often Is Too Often When It Comes To Email?

Delight – Not Disturb – Your Prospects With Inbound Marketing-Designed Nurturing Campaigns

Inbound marketing uses email marketing, just like every other marketing methodology. Email marketing is so efficient in its ability to deliver ongoing messaging, educational offers and reminders about a business’s value proposition that it must be part of any company’s marketing tool kit.

But, how much email is too much? Can we overdo it? The answer is yes. You can over-email, incorrectly email and poorly structure your lead-nurturing campaigns to the point at which you’re actually turning prospects away. Today, we’ll help you try to avoid turning leads into losses.



Inbound Marketing Upgrades For Lead Nurturing, And How To Deploy Them

One of the best aspects of inbound marketing is your ability to continue the conversation with prospects who have shown real interest in your products and services.

This is commonly referred to as lead nurturing. Our goal with lead nurturing is to actively move prospects down the funnel, using additional educational offers that are aligned with their specific buyer journey.

This might sound easy, but it’s actually very complex. Once you start doing it correctly, you’ll notice that you want to customize the frequency, the content delivered, the offers and (in some cases) the messages in the email campaigns.



Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing Vs. Outbound Lead Nurturing: What’s The Difference?

Lead nurturing is the practice of staying in close contact with people who have expressed interest in your company. However, there is more than one methodology that can be applied to your lead nurturing marketing tactics.

Inbound marketing lead nurturing involves building rapport and earning a prospect’s attention. This approach prominently features a thorough understanding of all the touch points a prospect might experience while interacting with your business. 

On the other hand, traditional lead nurturing is more about forcing prospects through your sales process regardless of their buyer journey.

One isn’t better or worse. They're just different, and understanding those differences makes you a better marketer.



How To Massively Improve Inbound Marketing Email Campaign Performance

Email marketing is probably one of the most popular marketing tactics deployed today. 

It’s also one of the easiest to understand. Yet, it's one of the hardest to get to perform.

Historically, email open and click-through rates have been anemic. But, email as a lead-nurturing strategy continues to get high praise. Here’s an article outlining the performance stats for email marketing.

Let's look at how to improve your email efforts.



11 Inbound Marketing Lead-Nurturing Hacks To Improve Conversions

Before I start writing an inbound marketing blog article on a specific topic, I like to look around and see what other people are saying about the subject.

Honestly, I was a little shocked to see what people are writing about lead nurturing. Personalize the email? Track the results? Don’t sell? Come on, is that the best you've got?

Today, I offer you 11 upgrades you can make to your nurturing campaign today.