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Got Inbound Leads? A 5-Step Lead Nurturing Playbook To Close Them

Getting Leads Is Just The First Step; Closing Inbound-Marketing-Generated Leads Is The Ultimate Goal

Inbound marketing is working. Youre getting leads from your search engine optimization, website and content programs, but that’s not the end game. The CEO won’t be recognizing you at the next company meeting for leads — she wants new customers.

Your inbound marketing program is incomplete if it doesn’t have strategic, well-thought-out and experience-oriented lead nurturing campaigns. These tactics allow you to continue the conversation with prospects while they work through their buyer journey. Do this effectively and you’ll have these people asking to speak with your sales reps at a very high rate.



How Much Lead Nurturing Is Too Much Lead Nurturing?

Yes, 6 Lead Nurturing Emails Per Day Is Probably Too Much

I like to use our blog to share observations from the world of sales and marketing. As a student of sales and marketing, and as someone who is constantly learning what works and what doesn’t work so well, I see a lot of bad execution. Lately, I’ve noticed lead nurturing gone horribly wrong. Specifically, I’ve seen companies sending multiple emails per day to get my attention.

If this is you, then you should consider pausing your program and rethinking it. The sheer number of emails is not going to get me to engage. Discount offer after discount offer is not going to get me to engage. Extending my free trial is not going to get me to engage. When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That’s not marketing.



Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing: How To Get Lights-Out Open Rates

Create A Remarkable Experience, Not A Sales-Centric Barrage Of 'Buy'

The series of email-related blog articles has been producing a lot of interesting conversations with readers, prospects and clients. While I’m not surprised to hear that companies are still doing cold email marketing campaigns, I’m encouraged that people are aware of their challenges and looking for ways to improve their effectiveness.

Today, I want to clarify the difference between lead nurturing and cold emailing. I also want to give you some tips on how to get lead nurturing open rates over the 50% mark and how to use ongoing lead nurturing best practices to create an experience that draws your prospects in to your company, instead of repelling them away and toward your competitors.



Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing Strategies That Actually Work

Inbound Marketing Demands Equal Nurturing For All Of Your Leads

Don’t tell me, These are bad leads. There is no such thing as a bad lead, ever. What you call bad leads might only be people who are not ready to buy today. News flash: Most of your prospects are NOT ready to buy today, so put marketing tactics in place to nurture those people.

If 90% of your leads are at the top or middle of the funnel (which means they’re not ready to talk to you or buy your products or services), your lead nurturing programs are critical to seeing results from inbound marketing.



Inbound Marketing: How Often Is Too Often When It Comes To Email?

Delight – Not Disturb – Your Prospects With Inbound Marketing-Designed Nurturing Campaigns

Inbound marketing uses email marketing, just like every other marketing methodology. Email marketing is so efficient in its ability to deliver ongoing messaging, educational offers and reminders about a business’s value proposition that it must be part of any company’s marketing tool kit.

But, how much email is too much? Can we overdo it? The answer is yes. You can over-email, incorrectly email and poorly structure your lead-nurturing campaigns to the point at which you’re actually turning prospects away. Today, we’ll help you try to avoid turning leads into losses.



Inbound Marketing Upgrades For Lead Nurturing, And How To Deploy Them

One of the best aspects of inbound marketing is your ability to continue the conversation with prospects who have shown real interest in your products and services.

This is commonly referred to as lead nurturing. Our goal with lead nurturing is to actively move prospects down the funnel, using additional educational offers that are aligned with their specific buyer journey.

This might sound easy, but it’s actually very complex. Once you start doing it correctly, you’ll notice that you want to customize the frequency, the content delivered, the offers and (in some cases) the messages in the email campaigns.



Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing Vs. Outbound Lead Nurturing: What’s The Difference?

Lead nurturing is the practice of staying in close contact with people who have expressed interest in your company. However, there is more than one methodology that can be applied to your lead nurturing marketing tactics.

Inbound marketing lead nurturing involves building rapport and earning a prospect’s attention. This approach prominently features a thorough understanding of all the touch points a prospect might experience while interacting with your business. 

On the other hand, traditional lead nurturing is more about forcing prospects through your sales process regardless of their buyer journey.

One isn’t better or worse. They're just different, and understanding those differences makes you a better marketer.



11 Inbound Marketing Lead-Nurturing Hacks To Improve Conversions

Before I start writing an inbound marketing blog article on a specific topic, I like to look around and see what other people are saying about the subject.

Honestly, I was a little shocked to see what people are writing about lead nurturing. Personalize the email? Track the results? Don’t sell? Come on, is that the best you've got?

Today, I offer you 11 upgrades you can make to your nurturing campaign today.