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Is Your Sales Pipeline Constipated?

Full Funnel Analysis Is The ONLY Way To Find Out For Sure

You’re looking for revenue growth, we get it. Most business leaders equate revenue growth with a need to generate more leads for your sales team to attack. But did you know that revenue growth can come from all stages of your current sales funnel? You don’t necessarily need more leads to drive up revenue.

You might have a jammed-up sales funnel. It’s possible that it's clogged up with potential customers who are not flowing through to the bottom. Instead of needing new leads, which would just join the backup in your funnel, it might be better to try and move those qualified prospects through the funnel and out — either as sales opportunities or unqualified leads. Inbound marketing can help.

Either way, your funnel will feel a lot better, and if you keep it clear it will be a lot easier to hit your revenue goals going forward.



Plain-Text Emails Vs. HTML Emails: Which Performs Best With Inbound Marketing?

Five Mistakes You're Making With Plain-Text Emails And How To Fix Them Today

Everyone has seen these. There’s been an explosion of them over the past six months. What looks like like a personal email arrives in your inbox, you open it, and even though it sounds like they know you, you don’t have any idea who the sender is, who their company is or why they’re emailing you.

You’ve seen these, right? I included one from I got from Uberflip yesterday down below.

Clearly someone, somewhere decided that this type of unsolicited emails is better than designed HTML unsolicited emails as an email marketing strategy.



Inbound Marketing Challenges? Try Calling Your Prospects Back

Inbound Marketing Won’t Make The Calls For You  This Is Where You Come In

This article might come off as a little brash. But, over the past few days, I’ve had a series of utterly awful experiences with potential service providers, and it got me thinking about a few of our experiences with clients and other businesses that just left me asking, WHY?

We recently moved our offices and need a new dry cleaning pick-up service. I searched on the web for that exact service, found a company, went to its website, got the phone number, called and left a message. Bang – inbound marketing at its best, right? Wrong. Days have gone by with no return phone call.

Since we’re new to the office community, we don’t know all the lunch places yet. One day, I saw a truck pulling up in the parking lot, bringing healthy sandwiches and salads into another building. I stopped the delivery person, asked about the company and told him we have 50 people in our office and I’d like to have someone call me about using their service. I gave him my business card with my cell number, and it’s been almost a week with no phone call. I guess they don’t want a new client.

Here are some more ridiculous stories of poor follow-through.



Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing Strategies That Actually Work

Inbound Marketing Demands Equal Nurturing For All Of Your Leads

Don’t tell me, These are bad leads. There is no such thing as a bad lead, ever. What you call bad leads might only be people who are not ready to buy today. News flash: Most of your prospects are NOT ready to buy today, so put marketing tactics in place to nurture those people.

If 90% of your leads are at the top or middle of the funnel (which means they’re not ready to talk to you or buy your products or services), your lead nurturing programs are critical to seeing results from inbound marketing.



Inbound Marketing: How Often Is Too Often When It Comes To Email?

Delight – Not Disturb – Your Prospects With Inbound Marketing-Designed Nurturing Campaigns

Inbound marketing uses email marketing, just like every other marketing methodology. Email marketing is so efficient in its ability to deliver ongoing messaging, educational offers and reminders about a business’s value proposition that it must be part of any company’s marketing tool kit.

But, how much email is too much? Can we overdo it? The answer is yes. You can over-email, incorrectly email and poorly structure your lead-nurturing campaigns to the point at which you’re actually turning prospects away. Today, we’ll help you try to avoid turning leads into losses.



Inbound Marketing Upgrades For Lead Nurturing, And How To Deploy Them

One of the best aspects of inbound marketing is your ability to continue the conversation with prospects who have shown real interest in your products and services.

This is commonly referred to as lead nurturing. Our goal with lead nurturing is to actively move prospects down the funnel, using additional educational offers that are aligned with their specific buyer journey.

This might sound easy, but it’s actually very complex. Once you start doing it correctly, you’ll notice that you want to customize the frequency, the content delivered, the offers and (in some cases) the messages in the email campaigns.



Inbound Marketing Lets You Relax At The Beach While Leads Get Nurtured

If you're planning on taking time to kick back, relax and dig your toes into the sand, but you're concerned about taking a vacation from staying in touch with your best prospects, now you don’t have to worry.

This is where automated lead-nurturing workflows come into play.

Today, there are tools and techniques available to automate almost all of your lead-nurturing email marketing campaigns so that your prospects get a steady stream of helpful, educational and highly creative content throughout their buying process. This ensures that your stories are always front and center, helping you outmaneuver your competitors and close more new customers or clients.



An Example Of Inbound Marketing Lead Scoring For Beginners

As evangelists for inbound marketing, we spend a lot of time helping our clients understand what inbound is, how it helps them, what we have to do to make inbound work and why they should care.

We shoulder this burden because we know inbound works. We’ve seen the results with clients who have embraced inbound and supported us in the partnership to build their Marketing Machine.

When it comes to inbound marketing lead scoring, a lot of our clients are just happy to be getting inbound leads and talking with people who asked to talk to them, as opposed to interrupting people like they used to. So, lead scoring becomes important for a more advanced client or one who is looking for even more data than a standard program delivers.



What Are The Must-Haves To Make Inbound Marketing Trigger Fireworks?

We’re getting close to one of the most celebrated holidays in America. Bring on the fireworks, sparklers, barbecues, parties and everything in red, white and blue. It'll all be rolled out on Saturday in salute of our country's independence.

Today, we’ll celebrate our independence from traditional and interruptive marketing efforts by highlighting the top tactics to make your inbound marketing program skyrocket.

The tactics included in this article are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the top of the heap. They're the tactics that deliver results for clients, engagement after engagement. 



11 Inbound Marketing Lead-Nurturing Hacks To Improve Conversions

Before I start writing an inbound marketing blog article on a specific topic, I like to look around and see what other people are saying about the subject.

Honestly, I was a little shocked to see what people are writing about lead nurturing. Personalize the email? Track the results? Don’t sell? Come on, is that the best you've got?

Today, I offer you 11 upgrades you can make to your nurturing campaign today.