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Inbound Marketing Prediction #11: A Formula For Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing Produces A Way To Predict Leads

Once inbound marketing turned marketing from an art into a science, a formula that converts activities into results was bound to become an actuality. In 2016, we’ll start to see this theory become a reality, and once we have enough data to know exactly what impact specific tactics have on results, a formula to predict leads is not far behind. 

Just so we’re clear, this might be as complicated to calculate as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. However, once you have all the data, the rest becomes an exercise in testing your formulas to see if you can consistently calculate the actual results. While this is very doable, it’s going to take some serious brain power.

What could we do with a formula for lead generation? The opportunities are almost limitless.



How Do I Know If Inbound Marketing Is Going To Work?

How do you know if any of your marketing is going to work?

Ever gone to a trade show and come home with much fewer leads than you expected? Ever run an ad and received no response? How about that direct mail postcard that was supposed to deliver 2% return and only did .2%?

Any of these scenarios sound familiar? I have hundreds of stories like these from clients who, despite our advice, ran traditional marketing campaigns  only to regret the cost and labor that went into their efforts.

Is inbound marketing any different?



11 Questions To Ask Your Inbound Marketing Agency Before You Hire Them

There are more inbound marketing agencies than ever before, which makes knowing how to pick one for your business even more complicated. Here are 11 inbound marketing agency questions you need to know the answers to before making your final decision.



Lead Goals Must Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

 Let me know if any of this sounds familiar: "Marketing is a science and not an art." "Marketing has a defined set of mathematical calculations that you need to consider." "Marketing’s only goal is lead generation." If you've been following this blog, then you've heard one or more of those before. These statements, and others like them, have been part of our thought leadership for years. In the new inbound marketing landscape, they are more relevant than ever.