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Why Inbound Marketing Works Better For Manufacturing Companies

Strategy, Planning, Patience And Perseverance Are Already In Their DNA

It’s interesting that when you look at all the inbound marketing going on, a lot of it is focused on fast-moving companies like startups, software firms, SaaS companies and high-growth entrepreneurial firms. But when we look at our portfolio of clients, we see the most significant successes coming from our old-line, non-sexy manufacturing and industrial companies. Why?

As the resident inbound scientist here, I started to look into what the common denominators were across these companies, the successes they were seeing, why they were seeing those successes, and what the differences were between these companies and their engagements.



Inbound Marketing For Industrial Manufacturing: How Does It Work?

Inbound Marketing Is A Perfect Fit For Manufacturing Companies And Today’s Buyers

A few weeks ago, I attended the B2B Marketing Exchange conference and found a steady stream of what I would call industrial manufacturing firms searching for ways to improve their marketing. They were looking for account-based marketing insight, data cleansing recommendations and information on how to apply technology, while also investigating inbound marketing.

As I spoke with those CMOs and directors of demand generation, it was clear they recognized the industrial manufacturing marketing they’ve been doing is not working productively anymore. Many of them have traditional sales teams and most of them have distributor networks, too. The blend of marketing tactics to support sales and distribution networks makes the challenge even more complex.