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What We Talk About When We Talk About Keyword Intent

Editor's Note: Mike is off blog duty this week. We'll be featuring blog posts authored by a few other members of the Square 2 Marketing team. Happy reading!

Delivering the right pieces of content to the right people at particular stops in the online buying journey requires thoughtful consideration around keyword intent.

Failing to understand the intent behind the keyword you’re trying to rank for means developing the wrong kind of content. You’ll never gain the traction you want in search and likely never reach your target personas. Even if you do, you’ll likely leave them looking for a better match — the right match.



5 Secret Ways To Improve Search Engine Optimization On Google!

4.5 Ways To Drive Leads With Social Media   How do you rank #1 on Google? This question has been on the minds of business owners, executives and marketing professionals since Google became the number one search engine in September of 2009. 



Selection And Strategy: Making Your SEO Plan A Go!

 We have emptied our SEO advice reserves in hopes of helping you and your business get found, get leads and drive sales through this special marketing tool. If you use search engine optimization by creating and implementing a keyword strategy, you create better online content, drive an increased level of traffic to your site and get the edge on competitors. 



5 Superb Suggestions For SEO Keyword Brainstorming Success

 If you’ve been following our blog, you’re practically an expert in search engine optimization and keyword strategy. You just need to put it all into practice and get a feel for the whole process in order to make it a part of your Marketing Machine! By now you should be familiar with the basics of SEO, creating a keyword strategy, the best keyword research tactics and the specific types of keywords that you need to be optimizing for.



Customers First, Google Second When It Comes To SEO Keyword Selection

 We’ve given you a lot of information about search engine optimization and keyword strategy over the past two days. Hopefully by now, you are beginning to get a good understanding of SEO best practices and the importance of creating a sound keyword strategy. To recap: the purpose of SEO is to optimize your website and your digital content around highly targeted, relevant and authoritative keywords…ultimately leading to higher rankings on Google.



The 6 Secrets To Marketing Strategy Success With Keywords

 Yesterday, we gave you the basic lowdown on search engine optimization: what it is, how it works and the benefits it contributes to your marketing strategy. Yes, we understand SEO and creating a keyboard strategy may be a bit overwhelming at first. You’re probably wondering: “Where do I go from here? How do I even begin to tackle this challenge?" Have no fear! Today, we’re going to break down your strategic SEO approach into six simples steps that help you optimize your digital content by building and maintaining a successful keyword database.