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Storytelling And Lead Generation In The Middle Of The Funnel

Editor's Note: Today's blog post is written for submission to the 2017 HubSpot Impact Awards. Wish us luck!

New companies always face obstacles in building awareness of their products and generating leads. But when the company’s product defies easy categorization, achieving those goals can be especially challenging.



‘Green Machine’ Infographic Accelerates Inbound Leads For TSE International

Editor's Note: This blog post is written for submission to the 2017 HubSpot Impact Awards. Wish us luck!

TSE International is a leading manufacturer of puller/tensioner equipment, and the first and only manufacturer in its industry to offer electric-powered machines, called Green Machines

Utility companies are increasingly experiencing mandates to purchase a certain percentage of environmentally friendly equipment. Enter the Green Machine, an electric puller/tensioner that provides an environmental edge and blows away typical diesel-fueled engines in terms of benefits for the planet and people, and cost.



6 Scary Stats About Marketing + 7 Tips For Survival [Infographic]

Your Lucky 13 For Halloween

For many B2B marketers, these are frightening times. Buyer behavior has changed, and to survive, modern marketers must adapt accordingly

Today’s B2B buyer is empowered and self-educated well before even reaching out to a salesperson. An increasing number of individual decision-makers and influencers are involved in the average B2B buying decision. Consistently, marketing data shows that modern buyers do not want to be interrupted by traditional advertising, and they will go to great lengths (ad blocking, do not call list, etc.) to avoid it.

Marketers simply can’t afford to keep wasting time, money and effort on marketing tactics that don’t produce business results.  

Learn six frightening facts about the state of modern marketing, plus seven tips for marketing survival, in our new infographic, Your Lucky 13 For Halloween.



The Infographic Phenomenon And How It's Used For Lead Generation At Your Company

If you're executing any form of inbound marketing or even just using content marketing to engage your target personas and drive lead generation, you've probably heard about infographics.

Wikipedia defines infographics as graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. Click here to see the full definition.

Infographics have been used by marketers and content creators over the past few years as a way to cut through some of the clutter associated with e-books, whitepapers and presentations. Historically, infographics have been a little harder to create and a little rarer in the world of content marketing.



Heat Up Lead Generation By Adding Content To Your Marketing Mix

 Marketing experts all over the world are talking about content marketing. Buyer behavior has changed, and today, your prospects are looking for educational content in order to feel safe engaging with your business. The real question is not, "Should we create this content?" but, "How much content do we need to drive up lead generation?"



Great Content Marketing Needs Great Content – How To Do It Yourself

If you stop by any of the most popular marketing websites or blogs, I can guarantee that there will be posts on content marketing. It is one of the most widely used terms in marketing today. Most business owners, CEOs and marketing professionals know you need to create content to get found, get leads and grow sales.



How To Create Your Own Infographic For An Inbound Marketing Program

 So you like the idea of an infographic for your business. But how do you go about creating an original one that gets your prospects excited? Guess what? First you have to start with your marketing strategy. I know, we always say this—but it’s true.



Seven Ways To Use An Inbound Marketing Infographic To Get Leads

 Last week’s post on infographics was one of our most highly viewed and shared posts of the year. Since we like to continue sharing content that's valued by our subscribers, today we wanted to follow that thread with another post on infographics.



Six Reasons You Need An Infographic For Your Inbound Marketing

 How many whitepapers can you read? How many PowerPoint presentations or eBooks will really grab your attention? Let’s face it, you are competing for eyeballs with your content and the more visually appealing you make it, the more likely people are to download it.



5.5 Fall Clean Up Ideas For Your Marketing Strategy

 When trees lose their leaves that usually signals it’s time for a fall clean up. This is the time of the year when you collect leaves, pick up fallen branches, clean out our gardens, flush out the gutters and make all those small repairs to your home.