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What Should You Do If You Missed, Just Made Or Exceeded Your First-Quarter Revenue Targets?

Today’s Inbound Marketing Is Designed To Help You Respond Quickly To Business Performance

The first quarter wrapped up a few days ago. Perhaps you’re wondering how you missed your targets so badly and what you’re going to do about it. Or maybe you just barely made your numbers and wished you had exceeded them by a little wider margin. Or you might have exceeded your targets.

Either way, this is the perfect time to assess your situation and make sure the second quarter shows improvement. Even if you did great, now is the time to make sure you continue moving in the right direction. 



The 6 Virtues Of Highly Effective Inbound Sales Guides

The Era Of The ‘Killer Salesman’ Is Dead; Long Live The Inbound Sales Guide

Is this a familiar situation?

You’re at a car dealership, starting your search for what represents a major investment for you and your family. You’ve done a bit of research online, but you want to see the vehicle you’re considering in person.

A salesman approaches. You politely explain that you’re just looking and not ready to buy. You just have a few questions.

He’s happy to help. He invites you back into the sales office to get you some information. Before you know it, you’re being bombarded with increasingly aggressive pleas to buy the car now — right now. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal. You’ll regret it if you walk away now. He’ll even throw in floor mats.

That salesman is looking at you like prey. He’s targeted you and is just itching to kill. He’s triggering your fight (buy) or flight instincts. If you’re like most buyers in 2016, you choose flight. You’re turned off by the whole experience. You may still buy the car you were looking at, but not from that salesman or that dealership.



Using CRM And Marketing Automation Software For Inbound Sales Success

You’ve got sales and revenue goals to hit. Should you invest your resources in sales or marketing? That’s a bit like asking whether you should breathe or drink water.

Once upon a time, sales and marketing operated in different silos. Marketing worked to attract leads, while sales took the leads marketing handed off. Neither side had much insight into the other’s methods or processes.

Until relatively recently, that’s also been the case for the software that powers sales and marketing. Marketers used marketing automation software platforms like HubSpot or Marketo to post content and capture lead information. Sales, in turn, used customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep a database of prospects and customers, as well as to log interactions with those prospects.



Your Sales Process Is Repelling Great Prospects

Inbound Sales Removes All The Barriers To Saying 'Yes'

I’m a huge movie fan and one of my favorites is "Tommy Boy." Not because it’s a classic (we all know it’s not), but it’s the classic honesty bumbler makes good at sales, and there are a number of truly poetic scenes in this movie that ring true in today’s hyper sales environment.

Tommy is sitting with his pal in the customer’s office. The customer has a model car on his desk and Tommy picks it up to explain how he keeps ruining their sales opportunities because he’s trying too hard. What looks like a great opportunity is spoiled because he asks the wrong question, pays the wrong compliment or tells the wrong joke — he’s trying to sell, instead of just being himself.

While this is a classic scene and a funny movie, it gives me the opportunity to talk about your salespeople, your sales process, your sales experience and how right now it’s causing your prospects to run for the hills. Inbound sales might be the answer.



What's The Impact On Revenue From Inbound Marketing And Inbound Sales?

If Inbound Marketing Doesn't Generate Leads And Revenue, Why Do It?

The reality we’ve found from working with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years is that leads are not enough to impact revenue. Salespeople are notoriously bad at picking up inbound leads, as opposed to leads they’ve created on their own. This is where inbound sales plays a critical role.

Once you couple inbound marketing with inbound sales you create a seamless experience for your prospects that has the potential to differentiate your business from your competitors. Once you deliver a remarkable and educational experience to your prospects you see an immediate lift in conversions, sales-qualified leads, sales opportunities and new customers.

The key question is how to measure the quantitative impact. Or, in simpler terms, what level of revenue growth should we expect if we implement both inbound marketing and inbound sales?