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What Is Account-Based Marketing (ABM) For Inbound Marketing Programs?

Inbound Marketing And Account-Based Marketing Work Perfectly Together

I was talking to a client the other day and he said, “We want to focus on account-based marketing, not inbound marketing.” It took me a second to recover, but I wanted him to know that these are not mutually exclusive concepts. Theyre complementary concepts that when paired together produce dramatically better results than if they’re applied separately.

Perhaps it makes sense to clearly define what account-based marketing (ABM) is and what it’s not. ABM is an approach to B2B marketing that targets specific buyer profiles (the company) and buyer personas (the people); directs helpful messages in the form of educational content to help each prospect; and then continues the conversation with nurturing activities that shape the prospect’s buyer journey.



Which Comes First, Inbound Marketing Or Inbound Sales?

The Order Is Important If You Want Inbound Marketing Leads And Revenue From Inbound Sales

The challenge is like the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which comes first, inbound marketing or inbound sales? You might imagine the answer is just as ambiguous as the answer regarding the chicken and the egg. However, I am prepared to help you make the decision for your company.

The answer has almost everything to do with you and your company, and almost nothing to do with any outside influences or standard practices. It comes down to evaluating your situation and making a solid decision that works for your company.



Blow Up Your Existing Marketing And Sales Teams And Build A Revenue Team

Inbound Marketing And Inbound Sales Provide The Tools To Redefine How Sales And Marketing Work Together

The time has come to stop dealing with the constant bickering between sales and marketing. Marketing generates the wrong leads, sales doesn’t follow up on marketing’s leads. We’ve all heard it before. Honestly, it doesn’t matter whose fault it was because today the buyers are dictating the process and neither traditional marketing nor traditional sales is working.

Now is the perfect time to blow up the entire effort and rebuild it in a new form that matches perfectly with today’s buyers as it relates to how they want to work with you and how you need to help them if you want to earn their business. The individual sales and marketing teams are dead, and the new revenue team is alive and well.



The Culture Of Inbound Marketing And Inbound Sales

It's The Key To Getting Business Results From Inbound

Everyone has read about the importance of culture in business. It has to be well defined, it has to be clear and it has to represent or be the foundation for everything you’re trying to accomplish. We’ve found that culture is equally important when it comes to inbound marketing and inbound sales.

To be 100% honest with you, there are many ways to screw up an inbound initiative. We’ve made most of those mistakes already and learned how to avoid making them again. We’ve also seen a lot of businesses make similar mistakes, and we’ve realized the impact they have on the results of the program.

So, like with any business, you need a set of values or guiding principles by which to run things. You need the same set of values to execute a successful inbound engagement.