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What Is A Full Funnel Agency? And Do You Need One?

Yes, You Need One; Every Company Should Be Looking At Combining Inbound Sales And Inbound Marketing Into One Revenue-Driving Effort

In November, I wrote an article about full funnel marketing and sales. The article was so well read that it made sense to follow up with an article about what a full funnel agency looks like.

After all, the agency community is getting extremely crowded and the number of different types of agencies is also increasing exponentially. Today there are digital agencies, inbound marketing agencies, social media agencies, search agencies, paid media agencies, website design shops, strategic marketing firms and marketing messaging agencies, not to mention all the traditional advertising agencies.



Is Your Sales Pipeline Constipated?

Full Funnel Analysis Is The ONLY Way To Find Out For Sure

You’re looking for revenue growth, we get it. Most business leaders equate revenue growth with a need to generate more leads for your sales team to attack. But did you know that revenue growth can come from all stages of your current sales funnel? You don’t necessarily need more leads to drive up revenue.

You might have a jammed-up sales funnel. It’s possible that it's clogged up with potential customers who are not flowing through to the bottom. Instead of needing new leads, which would just join the backup in your funnel, it might be better to try and move those qualified prospects through the funnel and out — either as sales opportunities or unqualified leads. Inbound marketing can help.

Either way, your funnel will feel a lot better, and if you keep it clear it will be a lot easier to hit your revenue goals going forward.