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What Should You Do If You Missed, Just Made Or Exceeded Your First-Quarter Revenue Targets?

Today’s Inbound Marketing Is Designed To Help You Respond Quickly To Business Performance

The first quarter wrapped up a few days ago. Perhaps you’re wondering how you missed your targets so badly and what you’re going to do about it. Or maybe you just barely made your numbers and wished you had exceeded them by a little wider margin. Or you might have exceeded your targets.

Either way, this is the perfect time to assess your situation and make sure the second quarter shows improvement. Even if you did great, now is the time to make sure you continue moving in the right direction. 



7 A/B Tests To Help You Improve Your Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing Is A Science And Science Dictates That You Test Everything

Once data became available on almost every aspect of marketing, it evolved into a science. Today, we have real-time data on everything, including website visitors, conversion rates, leads, blogging, content, email, search, rankings and page performance. It’s all there in black and white — no more gray areas.

What this means is that you’re now able to systematically improve your marketing over time by testing various components in a structured way. One of the best ways to do this is by applying a “we should test that” attitude to your inbound marketing and by applying A/B tests in as many relevant places as possible.



How To Increase Leads With Inbound Marketing TODAY

Yes, Virginia. In Certain Situations, You Can Add New Leads To Your Pipeline Today With Inbound Marketing Techniques.

You might have noticed a theme to many of my recent blog articles. So many people and so many inbound marketing agencies are talking about inbound and practicing inbound marketing but producing only modest to non-existent inbound marketing results. That's why I think it’s important to arm CEOs, VPs of marketing and business owners with proper performance expectations.

Having been doing inbound marketing for clients for over 10 years (before inbound marketing was even a thing), we have massive amounts of data on what works, when it works and why it works. When you gain insight like this it allows you to know exactly what to do and the expected results from that effort. Equipped with this information, we have the ability to deploy a number of inbound tactics and produce new lead generation for your business today.



A Day In The Life Of An Inbound Marketing Scientist

Test Results, Experimental Design And Performance Reviews, Oh My!

When I tell people my title, I don’t get asked, “What do you do all day?” But, I’ve always attributed that to most people not really knowing, being a little shy to ask and simply assuming it’s related to improving our inbound marketing agency’s ability to get clients better results – and they wouldn’t be wrong.

So, it seems reasonable to think that it would make sense for me to share with you what a Chief Inbound Scientist does, how the role helps our clients, how it helps our team and why we think every inbound agency needs one if they want to ensure the delivery of client results.



Inbound Marketing, Like The Best Professional Athletes, Needs Coaching

Inbound Marketing Is New And Complex – Coaching Improves Performance

Even the best athletes turn to coaches to up their game. Jordan Spieth, Steph Curry, Bryce Harper and Tom Brady all work with coaches, and they all put in thousands of hours in an attempt to be the best of the best. Why would any of us think marketing is any different? Yet, how many of us have coaches to help us up our games?

The answer is surprising: not too many. Why is that? Inbound marketing is incredibly complicated. It’s new and evolving as we speak. There are so many places where mistakes can be catastrophic. 

Today, there are people with thousands of hours of experience working on a wide variety of businesses in many different industries. They have the expertise to guide you through the planning, implementation and optimization of your own inbound marketing programs.



How To Use Baseball Thinking To Power Inbound Marketing Results

To Have A Great Inbound Marketing Season, You Need To Hit Singles, Doubles, Triples And Home Runs

The weather’s starting to warm up. Pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training, and soon it will be baseball season. That got me thinking. Do you remember the movie Money Ball? The premise was that you dont need superstars if your team can get on base. If they get on base enough times over the course of the year, you’ll win enough games to make the playoffs.

There are a lot of similarities between that thinking and the thinking behind inbound marketing. Inbound is a lot about putting together a string of singles. Its consistently hitting singles, walking and getting on base. If you don’t get on base, you can’t score. Get on base enough times, and you move your team around the bases to score runs.



What Should Your Inbound Marketing And Inbound Sales Funnel Look Like?

If You Don’t Know Your Funnel Metrics, You’re Flying Blind

When we’re talking to a new inbound marketing prospect, one of the first questions we ask is, “What’s your close rate on the sales opportunities you get?” Almost everyone answers 50%.

“You get me the leads, and we’ll close them.” It’s a common fallacy among most CEOs. The reality is that after working with clients for a few months, we have actually found their close rate to be around 10% or less.

Not knowing your marketing and sales funnel numbers is like not knowing how much cash you have in the bank right now. You have to know your full funnel analytics, and you have to know them cold. You also have to track them monthly so you’re able to improve month over month.

Here’s what a healthy inbound marketing and inbound sales funnel should look like, as well as what kind of improvements you should expect month over month.



Inbound Marketing Agency Doubles Down On CLIENT Results In 2016

One Month Of Inbound Leads Turns Into A Year Emphasizing Client Business Results

If we’ve learned anything in the 13 years we’ve been running an inbound marketing agency, it’s that business results – meaning leads and new customers  are the ONLY numbers people care about.

We challenged our team in November to move the leads generated needle in a very deliberate way. Could we generate 20% more leads across all our active client engagements? The result was a 25% increase in November over October.

But, that’s not enough for us. In 2016, we’re turning a 30-day goal into a 12-month goal. We’re rallying the entire team around a “Business Results Start With Me” mantra that the entire team is behind.



How Long Does It Take To Get Leads From Inbound Marketing?

Fans of the blog know that I like to answer inbound marketing-related questions from prospects and clients.

My feeling has always been that if people are asking the same question or expressing the same concern over and over again, using the blog to answer it might appeal to an even wider variety of individuals.