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How To Run A Killer Webinar That Produces Highly Qualified Sales Leads

This Tried-And-True Middle-Of-The-Funnel Tactic Almost Always Produces

With so many newfangled marketing tactics getting a lot of press, sometimes we have to make sure not to throw out the older but high-performing marketing tactics in favor of the new shiny objects.

Yes, podcasts, radio shows and interviews are hot right now, but webinars remain a high-performing tactic that engages your prospects, moves them through the funnel and produces highly qualified sales leads.

But because consumers have changed their buying behaviors, we should make a few upgrades to our content marketing and webinar program to take advantage of those changes and make sure we optimize the time and energy put into executing a webinar. If you expect your webinar program to produce sales opportunities, then consider these six upgrades as mandatory and not optional.



3 Email Marketing Strategies To Boost Webinar Registration

Summer is here. The weather is beautiful and your prospects have vacation on their minds.

Thoughts of sandy beaches and family road trips make it even more difficult to catch the attention of your potential clients. This just means you need to double down on your inbound marketing tactics for attracting leads to the offers that guide them through their buyer journeys.

Marketing webinars are a great opportunity to offer your prospects helpful educational content. By providing them useful information from content experts presented in an interactive way, you help establish your business as a thought leader in your industry.