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5 Roles Every Successful Web Design Project Needs

I’ve always been a big fan of basketball. When I was younger, I chalked it up to flashy dunks and buzzer-beating three-point shots. Now that I’m older and more mature, I can appreciate the game for a new reason: five players working together as a team.



Inbound Marketing Needs A Complete Team To Score Big With Leads

Would You Ever Try To Win A Baseball Game With Only Six Players?

There are good reasons you need nine players on the baseball field, five players on the basketball court and 11 players on the football field. Any fewer and there’s no chance you can cover the field, defend against the opposing team and execute your game plan. The same is true for inbound marketing.

Take the field with an incomplete team and you’re looking at results that are less than you expected, poorly performing programs and inefficient execution. To make inbound marketing work, you need a complete team of individuals with very specific roles – and a solid game plan.



Inbound Marketing Needs Dedicated Teams To Fly High

Agile Shows You How To Optimize Collaboration And Team Prioritization

You’re running inbound marketing for your business and expecting results, yet the leads haven’t been coming in like you thought they would when you started your program. This isn’t abnormal, but there’s a good chance that your team isn’t set up to produce stellar results.

Historically, functional teams have run marketing. You have a social media person or team, a website team, an email resource and a design team. Inbound marketing needs a cross-functional approach as well as a dedicated team. You can’t simply parachute people in and expect them to participate in the rhythms necessary to get results.



Use Agile And Scrum To Get Better Results From Inbound Marketing

Agile Methodology Helps Inbound Marketing Cycle Faster

Inbound marketing works best when your team has all of the resources it needs to respond quickly to the actual performance of your inbound effort.

Inbound is a complex and creative exercise. The Agile Methodology, with Scrum practices, features the perfect rituals and processes to turn inbound marketing into a highly effective lead-generating machine.

It’s not as easy as flipping a switch, though. Turning your teams into Agile marketing groups executing inbound tactics requires planning and a deep understanding of how inbound works.

Here are some considerations if you’re thinking about adding this approach to your company.



Inbound Marketing Needs People Who Are A Triple Threat

One of the biggest challenges to achieving inbound marketing success is finding people who understand inbound, who are able to analyze marketing performance and who know how to execute all of the intricate details associated with inbound programs.

As you look for people to help your company or inbound marketing agency, you want to look for those who are a triple threat.