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A Play-By-Play Of How Inbound Marketing Produced A $1 Million New Customer For A Manufacturing Client

Finally, The Inbound Marketing Buyer Journey Uncovered From Click To Close

Does inbound marketing work? You’re damn right it does. Just ask one of our long-tenured manufacturing clients.

They recently closed a new client worth over $1 million in revenue, and it was entirely from their inbound marketing efforts.

I thought it would be interesting to dissect step by step exactly how this prospect found them, connected with them, was nurtured by them and eventually became their new big client. We’ll look at the prospects marketing behaviors, their sales behaviors and the timing required to nurture, sell and close a new piece of business worth over $1 million.



Inbound Marketing Skyrockets Results For Compliance Wave

Agile Inbound Marketing At The Speed Of A Startup 

Compliance Wave, a compliance and ethics startup based in Red Bank, N.J., has aggressive goals.

Joel Rogers, CEO, and Jay Sullivan, chief creative officer, aren’t shy about their marketing and business goals. They needed a HubSpot inbound marketing agency partner to propel their startup’s website conversion rate from an already impressive 5% to 6.5%, and fast.



Marcus Sheridan’s Remarkable Inbound Marketing Success Story

If the champions of inbound marketingcould be stacked into some kind of ecclesiastical inbound hierarchy, who would be the Pope? Who are his bishops and cardinals and who are their congregations?

Square 2 Marketing was preaching the gospel of inbound before “inbound marketing” was even a term. The whole concept of educating and delighting your prospectswith awesome content that generates leads is easy to get behind.

But hey, we aren’t the only ones out here proselytizing for inbound.