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Getting Enough Leads Or New Customers? Use An Assessment To Be Sure

The Ability To Predict Leads And Match Program Tactics To Lead Generation Is Key

Marketing today requires a highly complex set of tactics that need to be tightly orchestrated, and that’s just to get leads. If you want those leads to be high quality, turn into sales opportunities and then convert into new customers, now you’re talking about sales process upgrades, and the complexity just keeps getting trickier.

The questions that CEOs ask me all of the time are “am I getting enough leads?” and “are we getting the right amount of leads for the investment we’re making in marketing?” Those questions are hard to answer, but any digital agency worth its salt should be able to show CEOs exactly what they’re getting from their efforts and exactly how many leads, sales opportunities and customers are coming through the pipeline.



How’s Your Inbound Marketing Program Doing? Improve It At INBOUND 17

In 15 Minutes, Well Identify What’s Missing And Help You Fix It

Prospects ask us to review current and ongoing inbound marketing programs all the time. This year we’re taking our assessment abilities to INBOUND 2017 and offering them to all of the attendees. We’ll be bringing a team of revenue scientists and inbound marketing specialists, and we’ll be equipped to do our assessments right there at the conference in real time.

We’ve created an assessment methodology that we use for our prospects and new clients, and we’ll use that same methodology when we review your program at Inbound. In this article, we’re sharing some of the tools, techniques and analyses we use when diagnosing a company’s inbound marketing results. We’re also sharing some of the recommendations we typically make to get a prospect’s program to produce more leads, more sales opportunities and more new customers.



Boo! Your Inbound Marketing Program Is Underperforming And That's Scary

It Might Be You, It Might Be Your Team Or It Might Be Your Inbound Marketing Agency

One thing I can tell you is it’s not inbound marketing. It’s human nature to question things when they don’t turn out as planned. If you’ve been underwhelmed by the results from your inbound marketing, then it’s worth looking into it in detail.

Since we started doing inbound marketing programs for clients over 10 years ago, we’ve seen it work beautifully too many times to question whether the methodology is valid. Instead, we like to look at what contributes to it not working. With over 100 HubSpot clients and well over 10,000 hours of inbound marketing experience, we know exactly why some engagements underperform.



How Good Are You At Predicting Leads From Your Inbound Marketing?

Are You Nailing Inbound Marketing Results Or Habitually Missing Them?

Say what you will about inbound marketing, but you can’t say that it’s not quantifiable. Inbound marketing has transformed the way you should be thinking about how you market your company. Those old-school sayings that claim marketing is about getting your name out there are gone for good.

Every element of our client programs is 100% quantifiable. So with that comes a newfound responsibility to use these new tools and these new analytics to predict future performance of your marketing. The scientific aspect of inbound is allowing marketers to accurately tell sales “we’re expecting 100 top-of-the-funnel leads, 30 middle-of-the-funnel leads and 10-bottom-of-the-funnel leads next month.”

If that’s not happening at your company, you need to consider making some adjustments.



Can Your Inbound Marketing Agency Get You Leads In One Week?

The Better You Get At Inbound, The Faster You Can Perform

For years I’ve been writing and talking about how patient you have to be, how long it takes, how challenging it is, how complex inbound is and why the leads come slowly over time. While I still believe that, we’ve also found that our effort to innovate the delivery of actual inbound marketing results reveals that in certain circumstances it's possible to get leads in a much faster and much shorter time frame.

Why is this so interesting? With so many inbound marketing agencies, a lot of people are telling businesses a lot of stories about inbound. You'll find many proposed solutions in several different formats and configurations. There are even more agencies offering unsustainable and massive amounts of work for very little money. This is making it difficult for business owners and CEOs to make a decision about how to get an inbound marketing program for their companies.



The Inbound Marketing Metrics You Need To Track Every Day

Regularly reviewing your marketing metrics is a critical part of any successful inbound marketing strategy as it provides the opportunity to identify areas that need improvement and make adjustments as necessary.

Of course, any marketer who has explored the plethora of marketing analytics data available in programs like HubSpot and Google Analytics knows that going through all of the information at once is daunting.

To help save you time, we’re launching a three-part series that highlights the inbound marketing metrics you must track daily, weekly and monthly. Here, in part one, we’re taking a look at the metrics you need to check on a daily basis.



The Content Marketing Maze: A Map To Getting Out Of It

Just about anyone who's read anything about marketing in the past few months has seen articles and data supporting the need for content marketing within your company’s marketing mix.

And anyone who’s tried to execute a content marketing campaign has had at least one or two challenges with efficient execution or the performance of that campaign.

Once you start executing a content campaign, it’s easy to get trapped in what we call the Content Marketing Maze.



How To Project Inbound Marketing Performance In 2015

You feel good about your inbound marketing planning for next year. You’ve been reading, thinking, strategizing. And now you’re excited to start executing in January.

But one piece of the puzzle is bothering you. You’ve made some commitments to the sales team regarding the number of leads, and you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Since the beginning of time, marketing people haven’t wanted to be accountable for delivering leads, so your lack of comfort might be genetic. Today, the more progressive inbound marketing professionals are happy to be accountable, using a blend of industry and company-specific metrics to do their projections.



Inbound Marketing Websites Need To Be Fed Content To Fuel Performance

If the goal of your inbound marketing website is to generate leads, your site needs to be fueled with educational content month in and month out.

If you consider today’s buyer behavior, you should know that your prospects are coming back to your site month after month  maybe even week after week, especially if you do a good job and give them an experience worth talking about.

Why is that? If you provide them with educational content, they are likely to come back looking for more. After all, what they wanted the first time they stopped by is unlikely to be what they want on their second, third or fourth time visiting your site. That's right: Your prospects are coming by more than once.

So, how do you keep feeding them content until they are ready to move from lead to customer?