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Scared Your Inbound Marketing Might Not Be Working? 11 Questions To Find Out

Ask Yourself These Questions If You're Not Sure Whether Your Inbound Marketing Is Working

It should be obvious if your inbound marketing is working or not, but sometimes the results can be obscure or hidden, especially in the beginning. One of the advantages of inbound marketing is access to real-time data and transparency into the performance of the program.

Regardless, if this is your first inbound effort, you might be uncertain as to the progress you're making. If this sounds like you, not to worry. Here are some questions you can ask to uncover or confirm whether your program is working or not. Keep in mind that these questions might generate different answers depending on the stage of the program (strategy, implement, optimize) and based on your priorities.



Why Your Inbound Marketing Might Need A Fall Cleanup

Inbound Marketing Tactics Need To Be Raked Regularly

You’ve been running your inbound marketing program since January and are starting to see some results, but you’d like to get even more lift from your efforts. Sound familiar?

It’s not uncommon for programs coming up on the 12-month mark to be in need of some grooming. You have to remove underperforming tactics and replace them with higher-performing or new ones.

Fall is a great time to take an objective look at what’s working well, what’s not and what you should add to improve inbound performance.



Which Inbound Marketing Metrics To Track Daily, Weekly And Monthly

Yesterday, you got a long list of potential inbound marketing metrics for tracking purposes, but which of those need to be looked at daily, weekly and monthly?

While you now have access to marketing performance data in real time, you can’t take action on every metric.

So, today, we're taking those top 20 inbound marketing metrics and breaking them down to see which ones you should be looking at daily, weekly and monthly. If you want to know why we picked the rhythm we did, you need to consider the action associated with each item.



Inbound Marketing Or Content Marketing In 2015?

Some people think that inbound marketing is content marketing. Some people think that inbound includes content. Still others think that if you’re doing content marketing, you don’t need to worry about inbound marketing.

All are interesting theories, but I’m not sure any of this is relevant to the results conversation. In other words, who cares as long as you’re getting leads from the marketing you're doing?

Nonetheless, as you get ready for 2015, you really do need to understand how content and inbound coexist, at least in terms of planning, implementation and execution.



How Long Do I Have To Wait For Inbound Marketing To Generate Leads?

Every now and then, I like to dedicate a blog post to the questions we receive from both clients and prospects.