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Don't Get Tricked: 7 Frighteningly Common Inbound Marketing Mistakes

Stop Sending Your Marketing Dollars Off To Die

In yesterday's post, I walked through seven Halloween-themed "treats" to enjoy when looking to drastically and quickly improve your inbound marketing results. In the spirit of Halloween, today's post is another seasonally-themed list.

Many clients come to us with inbound marketing programs or campaigns that are in serious distress. Across hundreds of engagements and years of experience with inbound marketing, we've found a handful of critical mistakes that are frighteningly common in unsuccessful programs. 

Here are seven "tricks" you should avoid when using inbound marketing:



Inbound Marketing Never Gets You In An Advertising Pickle (Like GoDaddy)

Inbound marketing and traditional outbound tactics have a lot of differences, but one thing’s for sure: Inbound won’t put you in a position like having to pull your Super Bowl advertising at the last minute because you created a highly controversial ad that offends half the watchers.



Inbound Marketing: You Might Be The Reason You're Not Getting Results

Many people ask us if we guarantee results from inbound marketing.

It’s a fair question. If we’re so good at inbound, why wouldn’t we be able to guarantee results?

You might not be happy with the answer, though. Honestly, the reason we sometimes struggle to get clients amazing results is actually ... you!

That’s right. More often than not, it’s not what we do or don’t do that impacts the results from inbound marketing and inbound sales programs. It’s what you do.

Here are some of the ways you’ve managed to sabotage your own inbound results.