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Are You Following Up Correctly On Your Inbound Marketing Leads?

If You're Not, You Might Be Throwing High-Quality Inbound Leads In The Street

We get notified every time a client gets a new lead from their inbound marketing program, and most of the time we verbally follow up on those leads. We want to be sure our clients received them and they’re following up proactively and attentively. You would think that since we (our team and our client) worked so hard to generate the leads that following up would be a guilty pleasure, something everyone would be happy to do.

Think again! In at least one case, I recall asking a software client about a demo request that came in about a week earlier. “Hey John (name was changed to protect the innocent), how did that demo go? I saw the request come in; is that a good sales opportunity?” John replied, “Oh, were we supposed to call that guy? I wasn’t sure what to do with that.” I tried to remain calm, but it wasn’t easy. Someone asked to talk to you about buying your software, and you weren’t sure if you should follow up?



Marketing Strategy Impacts Bottom-Of-The-Funnel Inbound Marketing Leads

Not Getting Enough Sales-Ready Leads? Check Your Story, Messaging And Differentiation First

If you’ve just wrapped up reviewing your second quarter and were disappointed with the amount of sales-qualified leads, sales opportunities or customers coming directly from marketing efforts, then look no further than your marketing strategy.

A lot of marketers and CEOs might look at the mechanics of the program first, but nine times out of 10 your landing pages, website or blog are not to blame. Instead, your results are disappointing because you’re not telling a compelling, engaging, emotional and disruptive enough story in all of your marketing.

This is sometimes difficult for businesspeople to see. Your perspective on your own company’s messaging isn’t objective. Your website is not for you; it’s for your prospects. Here’s a quick checklist to see if your messaging and stories might be missing the mark and limiting the amount of inbound marketing leads generated for your sales team.