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Does Your Team Have 10,000 Hours Of Inbound Marketing Experience?

You Need That Many Hours To Produce Inbound Marketing Results

Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours to be a master at almost anything. If you want to relate that to marketing, I’d tend to agree, especially when you’re talking about inbound marketing. Remember, inbound is not social media, email, content, web, search or influencer marketing — it’s all of that plus strategy, planning and optimization based on data and analytics.

It’s a complex collection of tactics that need a high degree of orchestration to produce a significant lift in results.

That being said, it makes sense that it would take a lot of practice to feel comfortable that you understand all of the intricacies associated with everything inbound and then be able to leverage that expertise to produce results. This explains why people have less-than-successful inbound efforts when the philosophy behind inbound is indisputable.



Where Do You Get Your Inbound Marketing Advice, Guidance And Ideas?

Where You Get Your Information Makes A Difference; Here’s Why

You’re practicing inbound marketing. Maybe it’s going well, but could it be going better? Or maybe it’s not going so well and you expected more. Where do you get support? Where do you get new ideas? Where do you go for help?

Before we look at all the places inbound marketing advice resides and the differences in the quality and context of that advice, I want you to consider a slightly different but related situation.

What do you do when you don’t feel well? There are a variety of places for information on your health, too. You can go to the web, ask your friends, talk to a doctor via a telemedicine service, read articles, attend conferences and consult with a specialist. It’s probably going to depend on the severity of your condition.

I want you to think about your marketing challenges the same way you would think about your health challenges. If you were really sick, it’s highly unlikely you’d rely on the internet for advice. It’s highly unlikely you’d pick the cheapest doctor and it’s highly unlikely you’d pick a doctor with packages on their website, right? Does your business deserve anything less? Isn’t your business at least moderately sick if you can’t generate enough leads to grow?



What To Expect When You're Expecting Results From Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Works ONLY When You Give It Every Opportunity To Work

I was curious as to how many articles on expectations around inbound marketing results there are on the web. The answer: three-and-a-half pages of blog articles, whitepapers and e-books on expectations, timing, results and inbound marketing. That’s roughly 35 listings from 29 different agencies, including an article we wrote in March 2016.

Clearly, this is a hot topic for people running inbound marketing programs and the inbound marketing agencies helping people to execute inbound campaigns. The top-ranking article from our friends at GuavaBox is right on the money. They relate moving to inbound marketing like training for a marathon; it takes time, dedication and expertise to get it right.

They also included some insightful research data from an MIT study of HubSpot customers. The research found that more than 92% of customers saw an increase in website traffic and leads as a direct result of inbound marketing, while 49.2% saw an increase in sales.



Prediction #5 — Novice Inbound Marketing Vs. Expert Inbound Marketing Will Be Measured By Results

All Inbound Marketing Results Are Not Created Equally

As inbound marketing gains speed, more and more people are trying to do it. That means more and more novices are attempting to get results from inbound. The question is this: As they fail, will inbound take the brunt or will people recognize they need actual inbound experts to get results? We’ll consider this and reveal the trends.

We’ve noticed a trend over the past few months. More companies are contacting us with a similar story. The story goes something like this: “I’ve been working with an inbound marketing agency for the past 12 months and now that we’re coming to the end of the engagement, we’re not sure it’s working. We talked to you 12 months ago, but went in a different direction because of price. Can you look at what we’ve been doing and give us some guidance?”

Our response is: “Yes, we’re happy to review what you’ve been doing. We’ll look at your inbound marketing assets and with access to your HubSpot account or Google Analytics, we should be able to identify if anything was missed or executed differently than we’d do it.”



Inbound Marketing: You’re Not Alone Anymore

There was a time when you had only one or two sources of information if you wanted to learn about inbound marketing.

Today, there is a long list of resources, people, agencies, conferences and software tools that make planning, implementing, managing and optimizing your inbound effort easier than ever.

Here are some of the top resources to consult if you’re looking for ways to improve your inbound performance.