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My Inbound Marketing Blog Isn’t Working: How Do I Fix This?

So, you’ve finally started your business’s inbound marketing blog. You’re posting a few times a week – with fingers crossed that your words are reaching the right target audience.

However, instead of seeing the readership roll in like fans at a sold-out Rolling Stones show, you check your analytics and all you hear is the resounding, deafening sound of crickets. People aren’t viewing the posts very much, and they certainly aren’t converting … at all.



What Do People Hate About Doing Business With Us?

Amazing inbound marketing isn't just about website design, social media or getting found on a search engine. A big part of it is understanding what your customers like and don't like about working with you and figuring out how to fix it in a way that gets them to say "WOW! That company has it going on."