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How To Perfect Your Inbound Marketing Video Campaign In 4 Steps

George Lucas said it: “It’s hard work making movies.”

While most businesses utilizing the power of inbound marketing have embraced content marketing as a way to engage prospects and convert leads, many companies still shy away from using video marketing as part of their strategy. It’s understandable. Videos cost more to produce than blogs and whitepapers. Plus, incorporating video marketing into an inbound marketing content strategy is often nearly as tricky as making the videos themselves.

But businesses that hesitate to use video marketing are missing out on a way to attract prospects who prefer watching videos to reading text. If you’re looking to use video marketing in your inbound marketing content strategy, here are four steps you should take to drive results and boost conversions.



Inbound Marketing Takes Regular Optimization To Drive Results

Over the past few days, our blog has provided insight into a number of critical components that are "must haves" if you're considering adding an inbound marketing program to your current set of traditional marketing tactics.

But, there is one key element of an inbound marketing program that can't be ignored. If you want to be successful generating leads for your business, then you must become a guru at measuring data daily, weekly and monthly, allowing you to make effective real-time adjustments that contribute to increased lead generation.