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How Inbound Marketing Leverages Holidays Like St. Patrick’s Day

Inbound Marketing Campaigns With Seasonal Overtones Outperform Generic Ones

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday known for wearing green, celebrating the Irish (and everything related to Ireland) and enjoying a pint or two of your favorite adult beverage. If you look closely at the calendar, you’ll see there is a steady stream of events that give you the opportunity to add color to your inbound marketing campaigns.



How To Use Campaigns To Super-Charge Your Inbound Marketing

Campaigns Rocket-Fuel Your Inbound Marketing Results!

Inbound does have a lot of rinse and repeat tactics. You do have to write blogs every month, publish content regularly, optimize website pages, build landing pages and email your prospects on a rhythmic schedule. Inbound also requires you to think through a set of campaigns that would get executed on a similar schedule.

Traditional, old-school tactics have been campaign-based since the beginning of time: Create a messaging package, advertise, send direct mail and make calls for three months or so, then start a new campaign. Sometimes the campaigns run longer, sometimes shorter. But they always start fresh. Inbound marketing doesn’t mean you never do campaigns; it means you do them differently.



How To Use Baseball Thinking To Power Inbound Marketing Results

To Have A Great Inbound Marketing Season, You Need To Hit Singles, Doubles, Triples And Home Runs

The weather’s starting to warm up. Pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training, and soon it will be baseball season. That got me thinking. Do you remember the movie Money Ball? The premise was that you dont need superstars if your team can get on base. If they get on base enough times over the course of the year, you’ll win enough games to make the playoffs.

There are a lot of similarities between that thinking and the thinking behind inbound marketing. Inbound is a lot about putting together a string of singles. Its consistently hitting singles, walking and getting on base. If you don’t get on base, you can’t score. Get on base enough times, and you move your team around the bases to score runs.



Don’t Sink Your Inbound Campaigns With A Deadweight Marketing Strategy

Call it confirmation bias if you want, but it’s always comforting to hear someone telling a story you agree with.

When you agree with someone, you not only keep listening, you keep coming back for more.

Fox News, for example, is a textbook case study of how confirmation bias operates at a high level.

As practitioners in the science of inbound marketing, we firmly believe in a strategy before tactics approach to inbound marketing campaigns.

The reason why is simple. When you apply strategy before tactics, you get better marketing results.

It’s reassuring to hear when other folks think the same way.



Amplifying Your Inbound Marketing Results With Rock Star Content

The trope “Content Is King” is played-out. It’s a trite phrase that induces a wry internal commentary whenever I hear it.

Before I get ahead of myself, I’ll clarify. The sentiment behind the phrase is spot on: In a climate where inbound marketing/content marketing is so much a part of the zeitgeist that some businesses are starting to hire their own professional journalists to lead full-blown media initiatives, it’s clear that to be relevant you must create content. A lot of it.

But if your content isn’t awesome and influential, you’re missing the point behind why they say content is king, and you’re not going to see the inbound marketing results you’re after.

And let’s face it, in a world where everyone is churning out blog after blog, there’s a lot of lackluster content out there.



11 Must Have Components For Inbound Marketing Campaign Success

 Is the marketing “campaign” dead? There are quite a few self-professed marketing experts who believe the concept of a campaign is no longer valid.