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Inbound Marketing For Software Companies: What To Do Differently!

Inbound marketing performs a little differently for various types of companies and industries.

This means that you need to be able to pivot and adjust to ensure that you get the performance you’re expecting from the program. Software companies, specifically, bring a handful of unique challenges to the program that need to be planned for in advance.



So Much Content, So Little Time – Cut Through The Content Marketing Clutter

Hit the Web on any given day or night, and you get smacked in the face with offers for whitepapers, e-books, blog articles, infographics, slide shows and videos. It’s easier than ever to find educational content to help you make any type of purchase decision.

That’s great news for us as consumers. But as business owners, CEOs and marketing execs, it's critical to be aware that our prospects are highly educated before they even present themselves to us as prospects.

It’s also important for us, as business people, to be aware that the company that educates best is often the top contender when it comes to winning the business. Please keep that in mind as you work on your marketing strategy.



Inbound Marketing For Software Companies – Stop Doing Demos

Just to give you some perspective on today’s blog post, I ran marketing and product development for a software company for five years prior to starting Square 2 Marketing.