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The 6 Biggest Marketing Challenges Today And How To Solve Them

Inbound Marketing Or Demand Generation? The Issues Below Sound Like People Are Confused

Over the next couple of days, you’re going to see everyone and their brother publishing HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound report. While we could do the same, instead we’re here providing you with solutions to the challenges identified in the report. Yesterday we highlighted the sales challenges, and today were focusing on the marketing challenges.

When you look at the top issues uncovered in the report, it’s startling that 63% of the people identified generating traffic and leads as the top challenge. Wow! As a community of smart marketers, we’re still struggling to do the basics. How is that possible? The short answer is that it has become even more difficult. While the tools are more diverse and widely available, how you use those tools has changed so dramatically that it’s still a challenge.



Inbound Marketing And Account-Based Marketing: What You Need To Know To Get Results

Inbound Might Actually Make ABM Better If You Plan It Properly

Marketing isn’t getting easier, it’s getting more complicated. What used to be two clear and obvious differences  inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing — are now blending and devolving into one giant mess.

What appears to be making it even more challenging is the champions of inbound marketing are leaning into and investing in account-based marketing, which means there’s a spot in your inbound marketing campaign for outbound marketing tactics, if executed correctly.

Taking revenue generation, which today has never been more complicated, and making it simple is something we’ve been trying to do for our clients since we started the company. Our mantra of give clients the right advice” is based on boiling all of the opinions down and then creating a simple revenue growth strategy built for your business.



I Finally Figured Out What's Wrong With Marketing (And Sales)

Why Are So Many People Frustrated With Revenue Generation? Why Is Marketing So Hard That People Are Angry?

Tasks that frustrate us make us angry. When you can’t generate enough leads to hit your revenue goals, you get frustrated and angry. When you can’t close enough of your leads to hit your revenue growth goals, you get frustrated and angry. It’s a natural human response to challenges.

But there’s something different about marketing that makes us extra frustrated, and I think I understand what might be contributing to our general frustration. Let’s see if we can agree on a few components of this lead and revenue generation challenge.



7 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Impact Top-Line Revenue Growth This Week

Closely Aligning Sales And Marketing Pays Off In The Short Term

The days of marketing doing its thing and sales doing what it wants is quickly coming to an end. The best companies are realizing the massive inefficiencies associated with separate sales and marketing efforts. They’re aligning behind a single revenue goal.

This usually takes vision and leadership from the top, but if your organization still operates with divided sales and marketing teams, you can be the one who brings them together. Once marketing makes the first move toward working more closely with sales, a lot of opportunities open up.



How Does Inbound Marketing Play In A Demand Generation Marketing Strategy?

Today, Most Companies Are Executing A Blend Of Inbound And Outbound Tactics

When it comes to life and revenue generation, the answer is rarely white or black but rather many shades of gray. Most businesses today are deploying a blend of inbound marketing and outbound tactics, and theyre seeing positive results.

The mix of inbound and outbound really comes down to your budget, your goals and your timeline. When your budget is tight, you might have to wait a little longer to see results because you simply don’t have the resources to move the needle quickly.

But when you invest at the level matching your own business goals, a lot of inbound and outbound tactics come together to produce dramatic revenue-optimization results.



Run, Forrest, Run! Why Inbound Marketing Teams Never Stop Running

Getting Inbound Marketing Results Demands Constant Care And Feeding; It Never Stops

You’re running an inbound marketing program and you’re a little disappointed with the results. You thought you’d be further along by now. What’s preventing you from seeing more leads, opportunities and new customers? The answer might be what you’re doing, how often you’re doing it and the way you’re doing it.

Inbound is a little different than demand generation, advertising and even any of the individual tactics you might be familiar with like search, social or email marketing. Inbound marketing is a collection of tactics that require you to be working on them day in and day out. It’s not like building an ad campaign where you place the ads and watch them perform. It’s not like lead nurturing campaigns where you build them, install them and watch how they do.



Is Your Inbound Marketing Effort Growth-Oriented?

You Don’t Have To Practice Inbound, But You Need To Focus On Growth

Read anything about marketing these days and growth is a major part of the story. HubSpot is talking about the Growth Stack. Here’s an article from ConversionXL on growth and another on growth marketing from Coelevate. Yes, marketers love taking something and turning it into a buzzword, labeling it and eventually turning it into a trend.

But inbound marketing, at least the way we practice it, has had a growth element in it since we first started using it for clients in 2004. All the way back then, we knew there were three phases in an inbound marketing engagement and the length of those phases was directly proportional to how prepared our client was to start doing inbound.

Those phases (and they remain today) include planning, building and growing. During the planning phase, we strategize and create personas, messaging, differentiation, quantitative benchmarks and goals for the engagement. During the building phase, we create all the assets required to deliver the desired results. During the growing phase, we shift into optimization mode and drive results, improving them month over month.



How We Improved Inbound Marketing For Clients And Its Impact On Their Results

Inbound Marketing Is A Constant Iterative Process; We Reinvented It Again!

Running engagements for over 50 inbound marketing agency clients takes a steady hand and a constant stream of operational optimizations to produce results that make clients raving fans.

Thats especially true when our goal is so crystal clear — get clients results.

Over the past 14 years, we’ve been constantly tweaking what we do and how we do it with one thought in mind: Give our clients the best experience and produce the best results possible for their level of investment. Month over month, we’ve made subtle changes and some not-so-subtle changes, and we track everything so it’s clear what works and what doesn’t work so well.

That investment in delivery optimization and performance optimization is paying off and producing inbound marketing results for our clients.



Demand Generation Vs. Inbound Marketing: Which Is Right For You?

Recent Studies Show That It Might Not Be One Or The Other

When it comes to our own marketing, we definitely live our core value Practice What You Preach, and this article is right in line. Over the years, I’ve written a collection of blog articles that I refer to as the versus collection. You might remember some of them: Content Marketing vs. Inbound MarketingWebsite Home Page vs. Landing Page and Inbound Marketing vs. Growth Hacking.

The reason I mention this is because the blog articles in the versus collection are some of our top-performing articles. In fact, most of them end up in the top 10 of all-time viewed and clicked-on blog articles. People appear to enjoy the versus theme, and that’s why today’s article is going to be part of that collection.

At Square 2 Marketing, we feel strongly that our role in the community is to help everyone get better at innovating their marketing and sales execution to produce better results for their companies. That’s why I share insights like the ones here. I think knowing why we do what we do is just as important as seeing how we do it. I hope you agree.



How To Integrate Video Into Demand Generation And Inbound Marketing

Especially When Lead Generation Is Your Ultimate Goal

The world is full of visual learners. That means many people would prefer to watch instead of read, yet marketers and business leaders continue to create tons of written content like e-books, whitepapers, website pages and blog articles.

Research shows that 65% of the population consists of visual learners. These people use images, pictures, colors and other visual media to organize and learn information. The remainder of the population is comprised of auditory and kinesthetic learners (see pie chart from the University of Alabama School of Medicine). Since that’s the case, wouldn’t it make sense to have most of your content in video or visual formats? Yes, it would.

Some types of prospects do prefer to read. Accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, software engineers, researchers and other left-brain types should get written content because that’s what they prefer. So before you start converting all of your blog articles into videos, keep your personas and prospect profiles in mind when you start using video marketing techniques.