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How To Boost Your Email Newsletter Subscriptions

Capturing a niche and targeted audience for your newsletter can be a difficult task, but it's a critical piece of a successful inbound marketing strategy. The more targeted your email list, the higher conversion rates you can expect and, in turn, the higher goal completions you will see.

But how exactly do you easily increase the number of subscribers on your email marketing newsletter list? This article outlines some tried-and-true methods for boosting your email newsletter subscriptions.



Inbound Marketing Terminology — Terms You Should Know

Whether you’re in the marketing industry or not, the term “inbound marketing” is gaining popularity, and the terminology associated with inbound marketing can be a bit confusing. In this post, we will explain and define common inbound marketing and analytics vocabulary terms.



100 Inbound Marketing Tips To Improve Program Performance

Over the last 100 days, we've been counting down our favorite 100 inbound marketing and inbound sales tips leading up to HubSpot's INBOUND 2016 conference. Whether implemented together or individually, these 100 tips are sure to improve the success of your program.

If you've missed any of the tips over the past few months, check out the complete list below. Also, be sure to follow us @square2 for the latest inbound marketing news and tips.


If You Miss These Must-See Sessions At INBOUND 2016, You'll Kick Yourself

INBOUND 2016 Is Filled With Hundreds Of Amazing Sessions; Here Are Four Of The Best

Today starts the influx of inbound marketing evangelists at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2016 conference in Boston. With pre-registration allowing people to get into sessions before attendees even arrive in Boston, it’s critical that you do your best to lock down and save your seat.



Why Marketing Automation Won't Fix Your Lead Generation Shortfalls

Technology Is Just A Piece Of The Inbound Marketing Puzzle

This might sound strange coming from HubSpot’s largest partner and a company that helps our clients with Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua implementations, but I’ve seen too many companies think software is the solution to their issues, only to be disappointed six months later when lead generation didn’t pick up.

I’ve been in and around software sales for over 20 years, and no matter what the application, software is almost NEVER the answer. The answer lies in process, methodology, understanding execution and the people responsible for delivering.



Inbound Marketing Causes Ad Man To Promote Direct Mail

Inbound Marketing Provides Options That Traditional Outbound Just Can't Deliver 

Let’s face it, people are reading less direct mail. All you have to do is stand outside your house and watch people sort through their mail, throw out all the junk and take their bills inside. Going forward, do you think people are going to be reading more mail or less? Definitely less, right?

So, why would the CEO of a major ad agency stand up in front of a group of people and say direct mail is making a comeback? Here’s a link to an article about the CEO of McCann talking about the direct mail industry.

You have to understand the context of this article. He’s speaking to the National Postal Forum, so clearly these people want to hear about mail making a resurgence. Perhaps Harris Diamond was tailoring his remarks to his audience, but I thought that looking at his comments might be interesting from an inbound marketing perspective.



Inbound Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Need Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing needs solid on-site and off-site search engine optimization in order to fill up the top of the funnel. But, the tactics deployed around SEO and inbound are definitely different than what most SEO firms have delivered in the past.

Today, it’s not as much about your site pages as it is about the integration of site pages, site architecture, site content, social sharing and referral sites. Yes, this makes search much more complicated.

In short, the shift is very similar to what’s going on across marketing. Now, you have to earn your visitors instead of renting them like you did four or five years ago.



How Long Does It Take To Get Leads From Inbound Marketing?

Fans of the blog know that I like to answer inbound marketing-related questions from prospects and clients.

My feeling has always been that if people are asking the same question or expressing the same concern over and over again, using the blog to answer it might appeal to an even wider variety of individuals.



If Inbound Marketing Is So Great, Why Doesn’t It Work All The Time?

I love answering difficult questions in the blog. This one, about inbound marketing, is a great one.

I was reading an article by Tim Ash, "The Unfortunate Reality Of Most Content Marketing Programs." It's a great article, so click the link to check it out. Consider following Tim, too, as he has very insightful tweets. This particular article had to do with looking at what we, as inbound marketers, have been doing recently and making sure we’re actually focused on the right activities to produce the right outcomes.

After I read it, I started thinking about our own experiences with clients' inbound marketing engagements. So, I've compiled a couple of key areas where I believe the thinking needs to be applied differently than it has been in the past.



How Inbound Marketing Pros Are Dealing With Mobilegeddon

Yesterday, Google announced a highly anticipated algorithm, which rewards sites that are mobile-friendly.

In its simplest terms: If you use Google on a mobile device, you won’t see any websites that aren’t optimized for the small screen.

Don’t discount this new adjustment to the way Google delivers search engine optimization results. Today, almost 50% of searches are done on smartphones or tablets.

First, here’s what you need to know about the website SEO changes.