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5 Landing Page Experiments For Today To Drive Demand Generation Tomorrow

Inbound Marketing Is All About Testing, Experimentation And Optimization

As the chief revenue scientist at Square 2 Marketing, I’m constantly experimenting on our own marketing, sales and revenue generation. Currently, we’re in the process of experimenting with new dashboard technology, elevating our sales process experience and adjusting delivery confirmation all with one single mission in mind — drive additional revenue for our clients.

Along the way we’ve collected an encyclopedia of tests and demand generation experiments that have produced positive results, and we regularly roll those out for our clients. We want companies working with us to benefit from the rich and extensive experiences we have getting results for our clients. Why recreate the wheel when we already know how to adjust and optimize marketing programs to drive increases in leads, new customers and revenue?



Storytelling: The Lost Art In The Science Of Inbound Marketing

            Poor Results? It Might Not Be Your Tactics; It Might Be Your Message

Marketing can feel very militaristic with campaigns, targets and email as air cover and sales as the ground attack, but the reality is you’re attempting to talk to people. Thinking about your potential prospects as people and not targets is likely to produce a different result. Once you realize marketing strategies need to be a human-to-human effort, you might rethink what you’re saying to them.

For example, if you’re talking about yourself, people might not care as much. Instead, try to craft a message that’s more about them. If you’re talking about the features and benefits of what you do, it’s likely your prospects won’t remember many of these details. It’s not that those details aren’t wonderful, it’s just that our brains aren’t wired to remember stuff like that.



Gated Content Vs. Ungated Content Inside An Inbound Marketing Program

Why Your Goals Drive The Decision Around Gating Content

To gate or not to gate? That is the question. Do you give your visitors all of your content, allowing them to download everything without giving you anything? Or do you gate everything and do your best to encourage, motivate and reward visitors with amazing content, as long as they share their contact information with you in exchange for that content?

This is a question marketers are asking themselves more frequently these days. The answer lies in your content strategy and marketing goals. If you want to generate awareness for your brand, products/services and your company, then ungating all or most of your content makes perfect sense.

If lead generation is your objective, then gating all or most of your content is the right move. It’s possible that you fall somewhere in the middle, in which case gating some and ungating others is the way to go. It all comes down to your goals and objectives.



Is Inbound Marketing Quickly Going 'Out Of Style'?

Has Inbound Marketing Lost Ground To Demand Generation And Other Approaches To Marketing?

Has inbound marketing run its course? Has it been run over by more traditional approaches to marketing like all-out advertising, mass emails and demand generation tactics? If it has, why? What should you be doing about it (if anything)? But more importantly, are external factors putting extra pressure on inbound marketing?



3 Reasons Inbound Marketing Is Failing And How Agile Marketing Fixes It

You Don't Need To Run Inbound Marketing And Agile Marketing At The Same Time, But The Results Speak For Themselves

I’m going to take a guess – you found the title of this article interesting because at least some aspects of your inbound program are not performing up to your expectations. Maybe you’re not seeing enough organic visitors to your site, or you don’t have enough people reading your blog, or your top landing pages are not converting at a high enough rate. Maybe the situation is so bad that you’re considering scrapping your inbound marketing efforts.  

A lot of things could be preventing your inbound marketing program from producing the expected results, but if you’ve following the basics of inbound marketing and you still don’t see the needle moving up, try being more agile.



Want Leads From Inbound Marketing? Agile Marketing Is Your Only Option

Data-Driven Marketing Requires You To Respond Quickly To The Data; Agile Is The Only Way To Deliver

Never before in the history of marketing have people had access to the quantity and quality of marketing program performance data available today. This data and the opportunity it offers us is forcing inbound marketing agencies to assess how they deliver and come up with new delivery models.

Agile marketing and Scrum is an example of how the way agencies work with clients is changing dramatically. But this change is also a signal to internal marketing teams that they need to change, too.

Long-term planning is dead. Twelve-month marketing plans are dead. Six-month content calendars are dead. Waterfall project management is dead. Today, if you want to generate results for clients, you need to be able to review real-time data on program performance on Monday, come up with an action plan on Tuesday, get that plan in play on Wednesday and start watching the metrics on Thursday.



How To Boost Your Email Newsletter Subscriptions

Capturing a niche and targeted audience for your newsletter can be a difficult task, but it's a critical piece of a successful inbound marketing strategy. The more targeted your email list, the higher conversion rates you can expect and, in turn, the higher goal completions you will see.

But how exactly do you easily increase the number of subscribers on your email marketing newsletter list? This article outlines some tried-and-true methods for boosting your email newsletter subscriptions.



Inbound Marketing Terminology — Terms You Should Know

Whether you’re in the marketing industry or not, the term “inbound marketing” is gaining popularity, and the terminology associated with inbound marketing can be a bit confusing. In this post, we will explain and define common inbound marketing and analytics vocabulary terms.



100 Inbound Marketing Tips To Improve Program Performance

Over the last 100 days, we've been counting down our favorite 100 inbound marketing and inbound sales tips leading up to HubSpot's INBOUND 2016 conference. Whether implemented together or individually, these 100 tips are sure to improve the success of your program.

If you've missed any of the tips over the past few months, check out the complete list below. Also, be sure to follow us @square2 for the latest inbound marketing news and tips.


If You Miss These Must-See Sessions At INBOUND 2016, You'll Kick Yourself

INBOUND 2016 Is Filled With Hundreds Of Amazing Sessions; Here Are Four Of The Best

Today starts the influx of inbound marketing evangelists at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2016 conference in Boston. With pre-registration allowing people to get into sessions before attendees even arrive in Boston, it’s critical that you do your best to lock down and save your seat.