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Inbound Marketing: You Can Check In Anytime You Want, But You Should Never Leave

Considering Inbound Marketing? Either Go All In Or Don’t Go At All

In a shout-out to the Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, who passed away yesterday, I wanted to give you a perspective on inbound marketing that might not be something people talk about openly. In our experience, the CEOs and marketing execs who bring us in often have a short-term perspective on their marketing approach.

What I mean by that is they know what they did last year didn’t work like they expected, but they don’t know what else to do. So, they consider “trying” inbound marketing. The verb “trying” has the connotation that they’ll do it for a while and see what happens. This feels a little like an audition to us.

Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach.



5 Mistakes Sabotaging Your Conversion Optimization Efforts

The end goal of your inbound marketing campaign is to increase revenue.

Sure, it takes patience and you need to avoid hard-sell tactics at all costs. But, when it comes down to it, all the strategy, educational content, blogging and careful focus on the buyer journey needs to result in money for your business.

If you’ve been practicing inbound marketing for several months and you’re not seeing an increase in revenue, there might be a silent saboteur on your website, preventing your visitors from becoming leads and your leads from becoming customers: crucial landing page errors. If this is the case, you need to dedicate some resources to conversion optimization.

As I mentioned last week, the first rule of conversion optimization is to not assume that what worked for another company is going to work for yours. However, there are a few critical mistakes you might be making on your landing pages that lead to low conversion rates.

Look out for these five mistakes that are silently sabotaging your conversion optimization efforts.