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Your Home Page Might Be Stopping Your Inbound Marketing From Working

If You Ignored Your Website And Youre Expecting Inbound Marketing To Work, Think Again

We’ve looked at so many inbound marketing programs that we’re usually very sure what’s preventing the program from performing to expectations. Most of the time, it’s your website.

It might look great, it might be just a few months old and you might have written every word yourself, but unless the home page grabs a prospect’s attention, pulls them into your story, tells them why they want to do business with you and explains how other people have had success working with you — and does this all in 10 seconds — your marketing is dead on arrival.

Yes, your website is the most important marketing asset in your collection of marketing tactics and it’s the most complicated asset you’ll work with. It also needs to be continuously updated and upgraded based on performance data. If you’re not using your website like this, this is why your inbound marketing might be underperforming.



Website Home Page Vs. Landing Page – What’s The Difference?

This is an updated version of a blog article that was originally published in March of 2012. This blog explains the difference between a website home page and a landing page. So much has changed that we thought our readers would appreciate a refresh.

Understanding the difference between a website home page and landing page or the difference between a home page and a content page is significant these days. Using these different page types appropriately is mandatory for an inbound marketing website if getting leads from your website is important to you.

Home pages have different goals than your content pages and landing pages do. Today, every page on your website needs to have a strategy, quantitative goals and a very specific business orientation if you want your site to get found and drive leads for your company.