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Don't Get Tricked: 7 Frighteningly Common Inbound Marketing Mistakes

Stop Sending Your Marketing Dollars Off To Die

In yesterday's post, I walked through seven Halloween-themed "treats" to enjoy when looking to drastically and quickly improve your inbound marketing results. In the spirit of Halloween, today's post is another seasonally-themed list.

Many clients come to us with inbound marketing programs or campaigns that are in serious distress. Across hundreds of engagements and years of experience with inbound marketing, we've found a handful of critical mistakes that are frighteningly common in unsuccessful programs. 

Here are seven "tricks" you should avoid when using inbound marketing:



7 Inbound Marketing Treats For Better Results

Snack-Sized Tips For Improved Inbound Marketing Performance

It’s that time of year again. You might notice a ghost hanging from a tree, an extra rat or crow propped up on your mailbox, or the occasional skeleton lying on the ground. It’s also a good time to start looking at what you’re doing with your inbound marketing program and finding what’s working and what might not be working so well.

Having done hundreds of inbound programs for hundreds of companies over the past 13 years, we've learned a lot about what makes inbound marketing drive the best results. We regularly install a set of improvements and upgrades that almost immediately improve results in every case. We've collected those in a Halloween-themed list for your snacking pleasure.



6 Scary Stats About Marketing + 7 Tips For Survival [Infographic]

Your Lucky 13 For Halloween

For many B2B marketers, these are frightening times. Buyer behavior has changed, and to survive, modern marketers must adapt accordingly

Today’s B2B buyer is empowered and self-educated well before even reaching out to a salesperson. An increasing number of individual decision-makers and influencers are involved in the average B2B buying decision. Consistently, marketing data shows that modern buyers do not want to be interrupted by traditional advertising, and they will go to great lengths (ad blocking, do not call list, etc.) to avoid it.

Marketers simply can’t afford to keep wasting time, money and effort on marketing tactics that don’t produce business results.  

Learn six frightening facts about the state of modern marketing, plus seven tips for marketing survival, in our new infographic, Your Lucky 13 For Halloween.



Inbound Marketing: 8 Halloween Tricks And Treats To Drive Results

I appreciate you letting me use Halloween metaphors as I blog about inbound marketing this week. Today, we wrap up the series with a list of the best treats and worst tricks we’ve seen over the past 10 years with regard to executing inbound marketing programs for clients.

Remember: Treats are goodies, and tricks are not. So, take the following advice with that perspective in mind.