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Inbound Marketing Prediction: Questions Pass Keywords In Search

Inbound Marketing Sets The Table For Contextual Search

Back in April, I found this amazing article on the future of search. Aaron Friedman shares how search, mobile and our fascination with apps are driving the future of inbound marketing and, more specifically, how we get our information from the Web.

So, our first prediction for 2016 is that context will finally pass keywords as the main methodology for how you create content, optimize your web pages and get prospects to experience your business. Understanding how potential customers will be interacting with your content is the first step toward getting ready for this context revolution.

Here’s how this bold prediction should be influencing your marketing and sales strategy in 2016.



Inbound Marketing: On The First Page Of Google In Less Than 24 Hours

Inbound marketing takes time. We preach this to our clients and prospects religiously.



When Did Search Engine Optimization Get So Complicated?

Maybe I missed it. Maybe search engine optimization (SEO) has always been complicated. But, it seems like it’s become exponentially more complicated.

I was even reading a recent article that sounded to me like this: "Do this, but don’t do too much of it. Do that, but remember, it might hurt you. Don’t do this, but you have to do some of this if you want to rank."

Marketers just want a road map. We don’t want to work in the gray area. We want to know what we have to do so that we can do it. Unfortunately, this part of marketing – this very important part of marketing  isn’t going to change any time soon.

Each month, we’re dedicating our content, our advice, our guidance and our thought leadership to a different practice within the inbound marketing realm. This month, it’s search engine optimization.



How Do I Get More Leads? Ask Google: The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

We’ve discussed how questions are going to quickly surpass keywords when it comes to search.

In case you missed it: At some point in the not-too-distant future, keywords won’t be part of your search engine optimization conversation.

Instead, questions you’re ranked for will be what you focus on. Questions like, “How do I get more leads?”

Here's how you make the change.



How Inbound Marketing Uses Press Releases So Google Doesn’t Ding You

Yesterday, I wrote about how Google has changed their algorithms again and the traditional, keyword centric press release is now taboo. Wow, things change fast.