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You Won't Rank For Keywords If You Can't Convert Your Landing Pages

How Inbound Marketing Connects Search And Conversion

No one knows exactly how the Google search algorithms work, but we know Google improves rankings for pages that deliver value. We’re also pretty sure that if your page delivers a conversion, Google views that as a mark of the page's value for the visitor. 

This means search engine optimization has a new paradigm, one that includes conversion strategy. No longer is it enough to deliver a page with the right URL, the right copy, the right tags and the right descriptions. Today, if you want to rank for keywords, you have to ensure you convert your landing pages too.

Here are a few upgrades you can make to your landing pages today to improve your rankings tomorrow.



How Inbound Marketing Fits Perfectly With The Future Of SEO

It’s The Combination Of Tactics That Makes Inbound Marketing Such A Brilliant SEO Strategy

When I read a great article that gets me thinking, I’m happy to share it with all of you. This one about the future of SEO touched a nerve. It’s such a constantly changing area, and it represents a key element of everyone’s marketing. If you can’t be found when people are looking for you, you’re done from a marketing perspective.

But, this article brings up a brilliant point: that search engine optimization strategy actually represents so much more than what you might think. Actually, when I read about what Patrick thinks makes up SEO, I saw almost everything we do in our inbound marketing engagement.

So, let’s look at what you need to be focused on in order to take advantage of SEO in the future.



One Simple Fix To Turn Your Blog Into A Lead-Generation Machine

Everyone knows that you need to blog. But, what should you blog about, and how do you use blogging best practices to drive more leads? You probably didn’t know that there’s one answer to both questions.

Yes, with one small change to the way you plan your blogging efforts, you can turn your blog into a lead-generation machine.

It might make sense to take a step back first. I want to make sure that you know why blog articles are so critical to today’s inbound marketing: If no one is reading your blog, you can be sure that no one is converting into a lead.



7 Dark Secrets Behind Inbound Marketing Blogs That Rank On Page 1

Inbound marketing agency experts everywhere are talking about the power of blogging. Neil Patel wrote an amazing article about the technical nature of getting blog articles on the first page of Google (click here to read the full article).

Today, I want to talk about what he didn’t touch on.

I want to discuss the behind-the-scenes work, the trade craft and the creative processes that must be in place in order to bring home that page-one ranking.



Onsite vs. Offsite Search Engine Optimization - What’s The Right Mix?

Today, search engine optimization comes in two flavors: onsite and offsite.
Onsite SEO involves making sure your website pages, titles, tags, content and overall structure are optimized for your target keywords. You also need to make sure that you have a significant of inbound links from highly respected external websites - that's called offsite SEO.
You need to have both to be successful, and finding the right mix has everything to do with analytics and tracking.



How Inbound Marketing Improves Your Rankings On Google

 Looking for a new product, service or supplier? Most people start their search with Google. If you don’t believe that, then consider that Google logs 2 billion searches each day. That’s more than 10 times the number of people who watch TV.



Obama vs. Romney—Like Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

 This election is shaping up to be one for the ages. Both candidates are coming out swinging and the debates have been closely contested. It reminded us of the outbound vs. inbound marketing debates that are being waged in marketing departments at companies big and small.



Google Changes Algorithms Again-What Inbound Marketers Need To Know

 Yes, you read that right. Google just rolled out another algorithm update. In fact, this is Google's fourth update in two weeks. To sum up the changes, first was Panda Update 20 on September 27th, then the EMD Update 1 on September 28th, next the Penguin Update 3 on October 5th, and now Top Heavy 2 has rolled out, as of October 9th. If you don’t recall the original Top Heavy update, the long and the short of it is that Google will penalize pages with too many ads “above the fold,” also known as Google’s ‘Page Layout’ algorithm.



How To Use LinkedIn Groups To Double Your Website Traffic

 One fast and easy way to get more visitors to your website is to use LinkedIn Groups to introduce your business to people who don’t know you yet.



The Social Media Portfolio – How To Build One For Your Company

 We have often preached that marketing tactics need to be treated exactly like a stock portfolio. Each tactic, like an individual stock, has a set objective and associated time horizon.