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Inbound Marketing Agency Generates Over 500,000 Leads For Clients

Inbound Marketing Works, And This Agency Has The Numbers To Prove It

Press Release, Warrington, PA, March 10, 2016 – Square 2 Marketing, the world’s leading inbound marketing agency, generated over 500,000 leads for its clients. Every month, the team at Square 2 Marketing pulls the lead numbers from every single client (engaged or not engaged) and tabulates the total leads generated. That number is then added to the previous month to come up with the total leads generated number. As of yesterday morning, that number stood at 503,463 and counting.



Inbound Marketing Agency Doubles Down On CLIENT Results In 2016

One Month Of Inbound Leads Turns Into A Year Emphasizing Client Business Results

If we’ve learned anything in the 13 years we’ve been running an inbound marketing agency, it’s that business results – meaning leads and new customers  are the ONLY numbers people care about.

We challenged our team in November to move the leads generated needle in a very deliberate way. Could we generate 20% more leads across all our active client engagements? The result was a 25% increase in November over October.

But, that’s not enough for us. In 2016, we’re turning a 30-day goal into a 12-month goal. We’re rallying the entire team around a “Business Results Start With Me” mantra that the entire team is behind.



How To Influence Social Media Like The Big Brands At The Super Bowl

Ad Age ran a story a few days ago that cited the quantified lift of social media mentions from Super Bowl advertisements during the day of the big game.