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What Is A Full Funnel Agency? And Do You Need One?

Yes, You Need One; Every Company Should Be Looking At Combining Inbound Sales And Inbound Marketing Into One Revenue-Driving Effort

In November, I wrote an article about full funnel marketing and sales. The article was so well read that it made sense to follow up with an article about what a full funnel agency looks like.

After all, the agency community is getting extremely crowded and the number of different types of agencies is also increasing exponentially. Today there are digital agencies, inbound marketing agencies, social media agencies, search agencies, paid media agencies, website design shops, strategic marketing firms and marketing messaging agencies, not to mention all the traditional advertising agencies.



What Is Full Funnel Marketing And Sales?

How Inbound Marketing And Inbound Sales Are Evolving Into Full Funnel Lead Generation

It’s always been about the results for our clients. I guess you could say we've always been a full funnel agency. If we get them leads, they love us. If we don’t, they’re disappointed. Even clients that get a ton of leads are sometimes disappointed if they can’t close those leads and turn them into revenue.

We get it. Marketing is supposed to drive revenue. Sales is supposed to drive revenue. Historically, and at most companies today, these are two separate activities.

The concept of full funnel is a derivative of an approach that we’ve been proponents of for years. There is no separation between sales and marketing. It is one single flow of experiences that contribute to a prospect saying "yes" to your product or service offering. We commonly refer to this as “click to close.” The biggest challenge with full funnel, or click to close, is that it requires both inbound marketing and inbound sales to deliver it.



How To Calculate Your True Close Rate Using Inbound Sales Funnel Analytics

True Inbound Close Rate Is Actually The Percentage Of Website Visitors Who Become Customers

Inbound marketing and inbound sales are on a collision course. The revenue department is going to become the de facto approach to sales and marketing. Along with the changing structure and approach, the metrics are also changing dramatically. Close rate is NOT the percentage of people who sign your proposal docs, but rather the percentage of visitors to your website who become new customers.

As you drive up your visitor numbers through inbound marketing, you should see improvements in actual revenue and new customers at the very bottom of the funnel. You can also add value to each stage of the funnel and increase conversion rates up and down the funnel, which will impact new customers by a factor of 10. This is how you convert leads into new revenue.