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Why Facebook Is The Perfect Place For B2B Marketing & Lead Generation

2 Billion People Can’t Possibly Be Wrong; Here Is How You Get Access To Them

A lot of businesspeople think Facebook is not for B2B marketing. The issue with that blanket statement is the B2B aspect. Marketing is no longer B2 anything. Today, the best marketing is a person-to-person exercise. People do business with other people, and marketing is quickly becoming a one-to-one effort as opposed to what it has been historically, a one-to-many effort.

Marketers have always known that personalization improves lead generation and overall performance of your marketing, but today it’s gone even further. Marketing needs to be personal. It’s not enough to simply send an email that says Dear Mike. Today, I want to see content, offers and messages that recognize me as an individual. I want content that aligns with my persona and content that aligns with the fact that I own a business, live in the suburbs, drive a nice car, have two (almost) grown children and love to cook.



Social Media Marketing Magic – Facebook Dark Posts Deliver

In the Square 2 Marketing lab, we’ve been testing what are commonly referred to as Facebook dark posts.

We’ve been able to get them to work for us and for a select number of B2C clients. So, today, I want to share with you how to take advantage of this new type of social media marketing for your business.

Earlier this year, Facebook changed its algorithms, and traditional Facebook posts have seen their contribution to organic search impact drop dramatically. This means that any progressive inbound marketing agency and its clients must find new ways to use Facebook to drive leads.



Why Facebook Advertising Is Inbound Marketing In Disguise

Over the past 60 days we have had some incredible success running Facebook advertising campaigns for Square 2 Marketing.